Where does collagen come from?

Where does collagen come from?
The collagen used to make supplements comes from four main sources–cow (bovine), chicken, pig (porcine), and fish (marine). And while there are countless brands available on the market today, please be aware that quality really matters. The health and diet of the animal is extremely important. Animals fed a natural diet and allowed to graze on pastures or swim freely in the ocean are healthier than confined factory farmed animals. In turn, their collagen is stronger and produces a cleaner and more effective supplement. My favorite form of hydrolyzed collagen supplement comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.
Is collagen a protein/what is collagen protein?
Collagen supplements are a healthy source of protein. In fact, one serving of my Collagen Shake provides 15 grams of protein. This helps boost satiety so you eat less and lose weight among other things. But, in general, collagen supplements are rich in the amino acids that are necessary to synthesize collagen. This includes glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. And this is why collagen supplements are sometimes referred to as “collagen protein.” However, it’s worth noting that collagen supplements also contain a variety of other amino acids that are needed for many other vital functions. Thus, nothing goes to waste!

What is collagen powder made of?

As discussed above, hydrolyzed collagen supplements (a.k.a. collagen peptides) are commonly sold as a powder. And a high quality collagen powder supplement should contain hydrolyzed collagen and that’s it. However, there are collagen powder “shake” mixes that contain additional ingredients, which add flavor and (hopefully) more nutrients. But it’s important to pay close attention to the ingredient list. Look out for added sugars and artificial sweeteners as well as other chemical additives. My Collagen Shakes contain hydrolyzed collagen along with a small list of real foods, such as almonds and unsweetened cocoa powder. And they’re naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract.