Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth for Breakfast

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth for Breakfast

When you think of breakfast, it’s likely that the classic eggs and bacon combo comes to mind, or maybe a fruity breakfast smoothie you like to enjoy on the go. 

But what about bone broth? Does this rich, savory soup have a place at the table?

Let’s dive into the details of this nutrient-rich breakfast option, and why it deserves a spot in your morning routine!

What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with essential nutrients that make it an ideal choice for the most important meal of the day. 

It’s thanks to bone broth’s cooking process that we can enjoy such a potent helping of nutrients — by simmering animal bones for an average of 24 hours, connective tissues release gelatin and nutrients into the water, transforming it into a delicious, nourishing soup to kick start your day. 

Here are just a few of the nutrients you can expect from bone broth, and the benefits they bring with them:

  • Gut-soothing gelatin: Helps keep your digestive system happy and moving along.
  • Skin-restoring collagen: Revitalizes your skin by helping to support structure and a firm appearance.
  • Muscle-supporting proteins: Helps fight cravings by supporting feelings of fullness, while also providing an important macronutrient.
  • Hydrating electrolytes: Helps you stay hydrated while also supporting nerve function.
  • Essential minerals: Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium all play a range of important roles, from supporting muscle contractions to building strong bones.
  • Amino acids: Glutamine, glycine, and proline — amino acids serve as the building blocks for protein.
  • Other compounds: Glucosamine and chondroitin work together to support joint health and mobility. 

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth for Breakfast?

With all these incredible ingredients, it's easy to see why bone broth is a go-to choice that puts health and vitality on the breakfast menu. 

Let’s dive into the three main benefits that these bone broth nutrients work hard to deliver:

Prepares Your Gut for the Day Ahead

Bone broth is like a soothing balm for your gut, packed with amino acids and organic compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin that help your digestive system do its many jobs. These ingredients can help ensure that the intestinal cells lining your gut are healthy and ready to work, which ultimately supports the functions of your digestive tract. 

Plus, amino acids like glycine and proline can help with the breakdown fats and other harder-to-digest foods, helping food pass through your intestines at a healthy pace.

Good gut health is essential for weight loss, fat burning, and even supporting normal cholesterol levels. That's where glutamine, another vital amino acid in Dr. Kellyann's bone broth, comes in. It plays a significant role in supporting gut health by helping your body distinguish between harmful and beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Having a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut is crucial for overall well-being. Bone broth can help your body flush out the extra gunk it doesn’t need while also setting the stage for the good stuff. 

So, not only is bone broth tasty, but it's also a powerful ally in your journey to good gut health and overall wellness.

Helps Keep You Feeling Full

Dr. Kellyann's bone broth products are crafted from high-quality, grass-fed beef protein, using only organic and non-GMO ingredients for maximum nutritional goodness. With 16 grams of protein per serving, it takes the hassle out of meal planning without taking our the macronutrients you need to thrive.

Imagine swapping out two sugary, high-calorie snacks for two servings of Dr. Kellyann's bone broths daily – belly fat has no chance against the clean protein in these nourishing bone broth products (as part of a balanced diet plan, of course!). 

Moreover, bone broth is an excellent companion for intermittent fasting. Dr. Kellyann understands the benefits of fasting and has seen firsthand its incredible impact on weight loss goals. Sipping on bone broth during fasting periods can make it easier to satisfy cravings without breaking your fast, while still providing essential minerals and vitamins that help ensure your fasting routine is still nourishing your body’s needs.

Supports Energy Levels

Bone broth is more than just a partner in your weight loss journey — it can also help bolster your energy levels through the day. This might be because it has the potential to support your sleep at night since the nutrients and amino acids in bone broth can actually lend a hand in your body’s production process of melatonin, which is the hormone your body produces to let you know it’s time to sleep. 

By consuming bone broth, you're helping your brain signal to your body that it’s time to rest, which can help ensure you’re getting the ZZZs that are directly related to your energy levels in the daytime. 

Plus, with 16 grams of protein in every serving of Dr. Kellyann's bone broth powders, you're giving your body the nutritional fuel it needs to generate its own energy.

But that's not all — like we mentioned above, bone broth is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients help your body stay hydrated, energized, and functioning optimally at a cellular level. 

So, not only does bone broth taste great, but it's also a fantastic way to keep your body feeling its best and doing what it’s supposed to do!

How Can You Enjoy Bone Broth in the Morning?

Wondering how you can kickstart your day with a savory cup of Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth

  • Try sipping on a warm cup of bone broth, seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices for a comforting morning beverage. 
  • Or, give your morning scramble a twist by cooking your eggs in bone broth for an extra boost both nutrient-wise and flavor-wise. 
  • You can even mix bone broth into savory oatmeal or quinoa porridge, adding a depth of flavor and a boost of health benefits. 

Don't forget to experiment with different veggies and seasonings to create a nourishing, tasty, and satisfying bone broth breakfast experience that'll energize your day!

The Bottom Line

Skip the processed meats and cereals and pour yourself a hot mug full of ancient nutrition — your body will thank you for it by helping you to feel full, energized, and ready to take on the day!


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