Bone Broth: How Much Should You Drink Daily?

Bone broth continues to provide astonishing results from incredible anti-aging benefits to healing digestive issues that may lead to additional health concerns. With so many people, including celebrities, flocking to the amazing bone broth benefits, asking how much bone broth you should be consuming is a legitimate question. Whether you’re enjoying a bowl of bone broth soup or adding bone broth protein to your morning smoothie, what guidelines should you follow?

Bone Broth Benefits

So, what makes bone broth and bone broth protein so appealing? Familiar faces such as Mark Wahlberg, Salma Hayek, and Gwyneth Paltrow rave about the results they’ve seen in a short time span by implementing a bone broth lifestyle. While Salma Hayek attributes bone broth benefits like gelatin to her looking and feeling young, others note additional bone broth benefits, including:

  •       Reduces muscle and joint pain
  •       Improves sleeping issues
  •       Helps heal leaky gut syndrome
  •       Improves skin tone, elasticity, and reduces wrinkles
  •       Restores robust and luxurious hair
  •       Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  •       Strengthens the immune system
  •       Burns off stubborn belly fat
  •       Improves mood
  •       Boosts energy and metabolism

Bone Broth Protein

Even with your hectic lifestyle, these healing bone broth benefits can be a quick addition to any meal, snack, or shake. Yep, that means there’s no excuse for neglecting your health. By adding in a quick scoop of bone broth protein supplements, you reap the rewards of:

  •       Essential amino acids
  •       Clean protein
  •       Healthy fats
  •       Vitamins
  •       Minerals
  •       Collagen
scoop of bone broth protein

How Much Bone Broth is Ideal?

The amount of bone broth you should consume daily depends on your personal health goals. Many turn to bone broth for its rapid fat burning effects, while others, like Mark Wahlberg, utilize it for healing a leaky gut. Consuming two to six cups of bone broth is a healthy and adequate guideline to follow when you’re suffering from digestive inflammation, bloating, or additional gut concerns. The bone broth benefits you’ll receive from these servings will help coat and soothe your digestive system, repairing damage and flushing toxins and waste immediately.  

If you’re fasting for weight loss, you’ll likely sip five to six servings a day to help replenish energy and allow you to remain both active and full. Adding bone broth protein will help curb those cravings we all battle and provide you with enough energy to maintain a light workout program to compliment your weight loss efforts.

Focusing on an overall positive experience for your health, wellness, and beauty regime can be met by implementing two to three cups of bone broth to your daily routine. Don't worry; you'll still get all the fabulous benefits that bone broth offers.

 With the ever-growing number of our favorite celebrities continuing to praise the endless bone broth benefits, how can you not be curious?  Just a few servings a day make it hard to deny what many have been seeing and feeling for decades. So, if you’re ready to battle those dreadful dark circles, fine lines, and lingering belly fat, bone broth can help. If your days of battling bloat, chronic fatigue, and lack of motivation are over, bone broth is the answer. Ready to start your journey to a happy, healthy lifestyle? Find out how you can start today!

Keep Positive and Stay Healthy!

Dr. Kellyann