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Is Your Body in Need of a Cleanse and Reset?

Have you been feeling bloated, sluggish, and unmotivated? Do you find yourself having trouble sleeping, concentrating, or even enjoying life as much as you used to? Your body may be trying to tell you something, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Trust me. If you’re sitting there picking your brain, trying to remember the last time you truly felt good, it’s time to take action, my friend. Your body needs a five-day cleanse.

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

It was 2017. I was traveling from coast to coast for interviews, appearances, launches, and seeing patients. I was managing to do it all! Or so I thought. What I wasn’t doing was practicing what I preach. Now if you’ve been with me a while, you know I’m one to walk the walk. But at this particular time in my life, I forgot to take care of ME; plain and simple. In the midst of all the running around, my body was crying out, but I wasn’t listening. In fact, it wasn’t until my body threw in the towel that I began to see all the signs I had ignored. Yep, my body gave out on me. If you happened to be on that flight wondering what all the commotion was; yes, that was me. There’s nothing like being in your seat in its upright position one moment, and on the floor, opening your eyes to a flight attendant above you the next. My body had spoken, and I was finally forced to listen.

My Body Needed to Cleanse and Reset. Period.

As I took a mental inventory of what could have led up to my grand appearance on the airplane’s floor, I began to have many ah-ha moments. I hadn’t felt like myself in quite some time. I’m a pretty upbeat, active person. The realization that I had lost my spunk and joy somewhere along the way was a red flag I’d somehow missed. I couldn’t recall the last time I had seen my reflection without the dark circles under my exhausted eyes. Or when my last regular workout was other than speed-walking to my next appointment. I had been running my body into the ground, and it had finally had enough. It was screaming for a reset, and I was in no shape to deny it one. 

And the Five-Day Cleanse Was Born

I put all my knowledge and experience to work to develop a plan. I needed a powerful and fast-acting cleanse that would flush out the toxins I had let take over. I was done feeling bloated and unhealthy. I wanted to bring back that radiant, youthful glow I used to have. I wanted to feel revived and happy once again. And I did! As I experimented with several ideas, I soon began to notice a drastic change. My stomach was slimming. My gut was behaving. My skin began to fill with color once again. The fog was lifting, and my mind and body felt rejuvenated. I felt like ME again!

Is Your Body in Need of My Cleanse and Reset?

Let me ask you a few questions. Be honest with yourself and really tune into what your body is trying to tell you.

  • Do you wake up in the morning without feeling refreshed?
  • Do you often have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you find yourself battling fatigue?
  • Have you been gaining weight easily?
  • Do you find it difficult to get the weight off - especially belly fat?
  • Does your skin lack the healthy glow it once had?
  • Is your skin feeling dry?
  • Are you noticing more fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Have you been anxious? Unsatisfied?
  • Disengaged from others?Has your gut been acting up?
  • Do you find yourself sick more than usual?

These are only a handful of questions I ask you to address in my new Cleanse and Reset book, but it should give you an idea of what your body is feeling. Did you answer many of these with a yes? If you did, then consider this your wakeup call! Don’t wait until you’re 35,000 feet in the air, wondering what you’re doing on the floor. My five-day cleanse is for you. If you answered with several yeses, it’s time to act now. Take control of your life again. It’s time to say goodbye to the belly fat, the exhaustion, the unhappiness. Imagine how much better you can feel in just five short days. The path back to the healthy, happy YOU is just ahead, and I’m going to help you get there. I’ll walk you through preparing your body for the cleanse and what you can expect each day. I’ve even prepared helpful tools and recipes to take the guesswork out of the equation for you.

A Cleanse to Benefit Everyone

You may be thinking to yourself that you don't need a cleanse and reset. You get in enough hours of sleep, eat well, exercise regularly, and enjoy life. But even if you are healthy and fit, you can still benefit from my cleanse and reset too. In fact, even after I finished my own five-day cleanse, I made it a point to return to the cleanse and reset four times a year. It helps give my body that extra boost of energy, slims me down, clears my mind, and gets rid of the toxins, so my body is functioning at full capacity, year-round. I don't do it because I feel like I'm headed towards a repeat of 2017. I do it because I know it's good for my body and it helps me feel rejuvenated. It tightens and brightens my skin. It takes care of any stubborn belly fat that may have crept back on. And it keeps my gut healthy and happy. So, for those of you that are already in tip-top shape, you're ahead of the game, and I applaud you. But trust me when I say you'll still benefit from this amazing five-day cleanse and your body will love you for pampering it.

Don’t spend another day putting off your health and happiness. Ready for your five-day cleanse and transformation? Let’s get started!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!