Paleo Lemon Cake

Happy Sunday! Here’s a slice of sunshine. Every once in a while, we all need a pick-me-up. Do I ever get that!

It’s been an ultra-busy week! My business has been exploding in many arenas. I am this second considering and fielding many offers that are beyond my wildest dreams, have booked 18 upcoming television appearances and I’m just about ready to launch a new product for doctors on April 15.   

This project for doctors is the most exciting project I’ve ever done because not only do I get to help Docs discover primal eating, but their patients will also discover the joys of primal living, too.  This is very impactful — I’m honored to help make a difference in health and wellness. These Docs are really important to me, and so are their patients. So I have been burning the midnight oil to launch this product with total excellence.

With all this work, I sure could use a little breather — a breath of fresh air and a ray of golden sunshine!  My sons — whom I lovingly call Niles and Frasier due to their competitive spirit — are a great source of inspiration to me. Always curious about what I’m up to, they often chime in like this “Mom, are you sure you want to write THAT?” or  “Mom, are you saying that to any KIDS because they won’t like that!” or “Mom, are you really wearing THAT on TV – that does not look like you one bit!” and “Mom, it’s called INSTAGRAM … really Mom???”

But it’s not always like that … every day they tell me they love me, without fail. Every day they circle around me at night wanting to tell me about their day. Every day they look at me with such proud eyes, and I do the same.

So, I decided to make them this cake, and can’t wait to hear: “Wow, Mom! This is REALLY good.” Then of course the inevitable …  “You’re going to post this on Instagram, right?”

Sigh …  Yes boys; I’ll post this to Instagram.

This cake is surprisingly moist and really tasty. So, if you want to spread a little sunshine, my Paleo Lemon Cake is your ace in the hole … and kids love it too. Just in time for spring!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann