What Are Marrow Bones?

Most of you have been around long enough to know my passions. I am all about helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle and regain their youthful skin through the incredible benefits of bone broth. The seemingly endless list of health, beauty, and mental wellness benefits are just too good to be kept a secret. But one secret behind all the magic is ensuring you are using the best ingredients, including marrow bones, in your bone broth diet. You’re probably asking yourself why any old bones won’t do, so let’s get to the bottom of these healing marrow bones.

Why Do Bones Matter in the Bone Broth Diet?

When we're talking about the healing benefits of bone broth and the anti-aging effects it can bring, we want to make sure we are using the highest quality ingredients possible. Using bones from animals that are grass-fed, organic, and pasteurized will always be your best choice. Why? Simply put, marrow bones are much more nutrient-dense. One thing that makes bone broth incredibly effective is using the bones of animals that come from an environment with the fewest toxins. While they will be more expensive, keep in mind that they offer priceless benefits to your health, inside and out. And let's be honest here, we could all stand to sacrifice a latte or two now and then for the best bones around, right?

The Bone Broth Diet on a Budget

But don't add stress wrinkles by worrying about the higher price tag. You can still find excellent bone options while minding your budget. Just be sure to look for bones from high-quality meat such as:

  • Bison
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Venison
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Goose

Be sure to choose bones with the most cartilage. Collagen in the cartilage is what breaks down into that incredible gelatin bone broth you're looking for to boost your health. Selecting bones such as the feet, knuckles, and joints of beef are very rich in cartilage. If adding a bit more flavor is of importance to you, you'll find short ribs and shank provide extra rich flavoring to your bone broth. Chicken feet tend to offer the best gelatin source. You’ll still look and feel incredible, enjoy the benefits of bone broth, and all without emptying your wallet.

jellied bone broth on a spoon

Where do I Get Quality Marrow Bones?

Hunting for your marrow bones can be as simple as using your leftover bones. Plan to utilize the entire chicken or turkey for your meals. Instead of tossing those bones, store them in the freezer until you're ready to whip up your next batch of delicious broth.

You'll find that many of your local butchers will be happy to order the bones you prefer if they don't already have what you are wanting. You may even discover that your local butcher becomes your new best friend, so don’t be shy! And if you're lucky enough to be in an area with a fabulous farmers market, befriending a local farmer is a great way to ensure quality marrow bones. You can also try:

  • Health food stores such as Whole Foods
  • Credible online farmers on eatWild
  • Reputable online stores

When you’re ready to cook up a pot of rejuvenating bone broth, grab a few of my favorite bone broth recipes, and plan a batch-cooking day! Trust me; you won't believe how tasty your new healthy lifestyle can be!


Keep Positive and Stay Healthy!

Dr. Kellyann