Why Do I Need Collagen?

If you haven’t heard all the fuss surrounding collagen, you may have been hiding under a rock lately. But while most people have been focusing their attention on collagen’s undeniable anti-aging benefits, there’s so much more to it that you should be aware of. Your entire body needs collagen to help keep functioning at its optimal level. So, when people ask me why they need to worry about collagen, and if they're getting enough, I usually want to reply with “…how much time do you have?”


The History of Collagen

Have you ever stopped to notice how many health concerns and remedies are linked to the lives of our ancestors? For instance, fasting certainly isn't anything creative or new. Our ancestors' bodies were thrown into a state of starvation and survival mode all the time. And old, ancient remedies and herbs are still practiced today. So, why are we so insistent on reinventing the wheel? Today, we are more prone to disease and obesity than ever. Yet we keep following the same dead-end health patterns, don’t we?


Centuries ago, our ancestors relied on a much different diet than we do. They lived in survival mode, eating when they had a successful hunt, and otherwise, going without for long periods at a time. But they also found the strength to get up again the next morning, hunt, gather, build, and provide for their large families. This way of living is also how we know that our bodies can survive just fine with limited food and fasts and educate us on how we can find the best protein sources, and how we can fill up on certain foods to carry us through periods without. Back then, our ancestors ate the entire animal. From tip to tail, nothing was left unused. From a health standpoint, they suffered fewer issues with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. And when the gatherers and hunters lived off of mostly lean meats and fish, fewer illnesses and skin irritations were experienced.


Today, we tend to waste an unbelievable amount of our food source. We don’t typically use the bones, cartilage, tendons, connective tissue, and other collagenous material. These are sources that provide an abundance of collagen we could benefit from, yet we’re just discarding them or sending them to be processed as pet food.   Instead, we go right for the muscle meat portions and toss out the rest without a second thought.


Since we know our natural collagen production begins its decline in our twenties, you'd think we'd be making use of every last bit of our animal food sources, wouldn't you? I mean, just think of the incredible health benefits we are literally throwing right into the garbage. So, seeing as how we don't make use of the entire animal anymore, we must find and maintain alternative ways to get our full collagen source. 

The Ins and Outs Collagen

Collagen is a protein naturally produced by your body. It’s actually the most abundant protein and accounts for roughly thirty-three percent of your body's protein makeup. Collagen has many responsibilities, including keeping your skin looking youthful, healthy, and radiant. It's also responsible for the elasticity of your skin, preventing the appearance of those premature fine lines and wrinkles. Nobody wants to see those staring back at us in the mirror. Collagen is also crucial in the health of your hair, nails, and connective tissue. Can you imagine your skin lacking the ability to "bounce back" into place? Your blood vessels and tendons would also become very weak. Are you starting to get the picture? Collagen is an essential protein you can’t afford to turn your back on. It plays a vital role in your health, both inside and out. But here’s the shocker: your body starts to slow down the natural production of collagen tremendously. And what's worse, it begins in your twenties. I’d say it’s worth taking note of, wouldn’t you?


Watching for Signs of Collagen Depletion

Your body will begin to give you warning signs when your collagen levels aren't where they used to be, so don’t start scheduling your Botox appointments just yet. You’ll likely begin to spot a few fine lines here and there but may wonder why they appear at such an early age. Lack of collagen production can bring on those dreaded early signs of aging. You may start experiencing aching joints, minor injuries that don’t seem to heal as quickly as usual. You could also find yourself experiencing:

  •       Limp, dry, dull hair
  •       Weak, brittle nails
  •       Whites of eyes and teeth are no longer bright
  •       Skin irritations, including
  •       Acne
  •       Redness or rosacea
  •       Eczema
  •       Psoriasis


But Why Do I NEED Collagen?

While fighting off the signs of aging is certainly worth supporting your collagen production, there are far worse health issues to be aware of. For instance, you could experience an array of digestive problems, including:

  •       IBS
  •       Constipation
  •       Diarrhea
  •       Bloating
  •       Gas
  •       Leaky gut


Glycine Deficit

You also NEED collagen to make up for what your body is lacking. Glycine is the primary amino acid found in collagen. It is synthesized from serine, an amino acid, but only roughly three grams per day. The bad news is, this isn't enough. The body requires at least ten grams a day, leaving us with seven grams each day to account for. If you’re already battling illness and disease, this number may need to be much higher.


Step Up Your Immune System

Collagen also plays a vital role in boosting your immune response, and we could all use a little assistance there! It helps to protect your body from sepsis, hemorrhages, and endotoxins. It also has the power to heal the liver and renal damage that are caused by dreaded toxins and drugs your body is exposed to daily.


The Big Battle Against Inflammation

You need collagen to fight off the inflammation throughout your body. And if you’ve been with me a while, you know I can’t say enough about the illnesses that inflammation can inflict on your whole body. It’s just not worth the risk of leaving yourself open to chronic inflammation. You leave your health exposed and place your body at a higher risk for an ongoing list of additional illnesses and diseases. Nobody wants that! And I know we’ve talked about it before…. inflammation blocks your weight loss efforts!


An Unhappy Gut

Collagen is essential to maintain your gut healthy and protect your vital organs from various diseases. As an anti-inflammatory, it helps protect your digestive system from the bacteria that is known to cause leaky gut. We know that collagen is loaded with gelatin, so it's able to soothe and heal the source of your angry gut’s inflammation.


Got Ulcers?

Collagen is extremely useful in the prevention of ulcers and protecting your gut's mucous lining. It also aids blood flow to the:

  • Heart
  • Intestine
  • Liver
  • Skeletal muscles
  • Kidney


Replacing the Collagen

Replacing collagen naturally isn’t as difficult as you may think. In fact, if you’re following any of my healthy lifestyle plans, you’re already doing it!


Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 Combo

A mixture of vitamin E and Coenzyme Q 10 will help restore your antioxidant levels. They are crucial in preventing collagen destruction, making them a vital part of your daily diet.


Collagen Protein Powder Supplements                                                                                

Daily collagen supplements are a great and convenient option in today’s quick-paced life. Collagen protein powders are easily dissolved in hot or cold liquid, providing you with limitless possibilities. Add it to your soups, dressings, or any favorite recipe. They make the perfect on-the-go option too!


Veggies to the Rescue

There’s no denying that vegetables are beneficial for all your needs. Spinach and other leafy greens provide antioxidants that will prevent collagen destruction. When you red vegetables to your diet, you’ll help protect yourself from damaging sun rays and boost production.


Vitamin C and No Exceptions

Are you getting enough vitamin C? Because if you aren’t, you won’t be making any collagen! It is essential to supply your body with vitamin C, so if you aren’t and you’re expecting to keep your body healthy radiant, you better get started. Fill your body with foods rich in Vitamin C, such as broccoli, tomatoes, and many citrus fruits.


White Tea Perks

White tea is an excellent addition to your diet.  Studies show drinking white tea helps prevent the breakdown of collagen. It protects the skin protein, elastin and helps prevent the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Can your drink do that?


Berries and Benefits

Berries are packed with antioxidants. Whether you prefer raspberries or blackberries, just be sure to load up! Berries help fight against free radicals and can significantly boost your collagen production.


Garlic with Everything

Garlic provides a ton of health benefits, so always keep it on hand. It contains taurine and lipoic acid, which have the power to help rebuild damaged collagen while offering the benefits of sulfur. So, add it in whenever you can!


The Beloved Bone Broth

Sipping on bone broth or adding it to your recipes is an incredible way to reap the health and beauty benefits it offers. Full of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, collagen, and more, bone broth will heal, soothe, repair, and restore all areas of your body. You’ll also get your fill of gelatin, which is essentially cooked collagen.


Cleanse and Reset with Collagen

A cleanse can help support your body’s natural systems that are already in place to keep you healthy and functioning at full capacity. The toxins you eat and the environmental toxins you’re exposed to daily make it difficult for your body to stay healthy without your help. My new Cleanse and Reset helps to repair and reset your digestive tract, allowing the rest of your body to heal and repair. The Cleanse and Reset flushes out toxins and waste that have built up and gives your digestive tract time to heal. When you cleanse and reset your system, you help restore the balance throughout your body, inside and out. The efforts you make with my five-day Cleanse and Reset will provide benefits to your whole body:


  •   Weight loss
  •   Reduced risk for heart disease
  •   Lowered blood sugar and cholesterol
  •   Support for your kidney and liver functions
  •   Relief from bloating and constipation
  •   Cleanse and reset your damaged cells
  •   Support sleep patterns


The Real Way to Cleanse and Reset

While many cleanses leave you feeling sluggish, lacking motivation, and fighting off cravings, the Cleanse and Reset will not. Grouchiness, hunger pains, and fatigue doesn’t sound all that pleasant, does it? It makes most people scowl just hearing the word cleanse. Most cleanses restrict protein or proper amounts of necessary fiber and healthy fats. But they’re essential to your body and shouldn’t be left out when your goal is to cleanse and reset your health. They provide you with energy to go about your day when your cleanse limits the daily intake of your regular diet.


The Big Difference in My Cleanse and Reset

My new cleanse doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re dragging, hungry, or wanting to call it quits. In fact, no cleanse should leave you feeling this way. My delicious collagen-filled cleanse provides you with essentials needed to not only cleanse and reset but help you lose weight and replenish collagen production. By flooding your cells with vital nutrients, you help give toxins the boot and begin the restoration of your entire body.


With a collagen-packed diet, your digestive tract still receives the much-needed time from digesting solids and fighting toxins. My collagen-rich soups and smoothie recipes bring you all the healing powers bone broth can provide. You’ll fill up on clean proteins and fibers that give you the energy needed to see it through.


Are you ready to commit five days to gain fabulous health? The Cleanse and Reset will provide you will all the tools you’ll need to get your health back on track. You’ll find yourself energized, refreshed, and looking fabulous! The Cleanse and Reset will make you feel incredibly rejuvenated in no time. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Find out how to get back to your healthy lifestyle today!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!