Equipment Used for Making Bone Broth

When it comes to making bone broth there is no need for fancy gadgets or gizmos--a simple stock pot will do. If you’re not into babysitting a pot of bones then a slow cooker is the way to go.

Stock Pot You can make your bone broth in a stock pot on your stove top. Most of us have a large stock pot in our kitchen. A 5-gallon stock pot will allow you to make the most broth at once but you can simply cut down the amount of bones and vegetables if all you have it a smaller stock pot. If making your broth in a stock pot don’t forget to check the liquid level occasionally. Make sure you always have enough water to cover the bones and vegetables.

Slow Cooker If you’re busy or away from home all day a slow cooker is the way to go when making bone broth. Slow cookers are perfect for a set-and-forget bone broth as the water won’t evaporate as it does in a stockpot. Most slow cookers are smaller than a 5-gallon stock pot so when making your bone broth in slow cooker remember to adjust the amount of vegetables and bones for the size of your slow cooker. Then just cover the ingredients with water and the slow cooker to low.

Pressure Cooker Pressure cookers are the fastest way to make bone broth. Pressure cookers have come a long way. If you’re worried about pressure cookers being dangerous, relax. These days, they have multiple safety features that ensure that you can use them with complete confidence if you follow the instructions.

As far a pressure cookers go the Instant Pot is one of the handiest gadgets on the market. You can brown and sauté food in it as well as using it as a pressure cooker—and you can use it as a slow cooker, too. I also like the fact that the insert in the Instant Pot is stainless steel rather than having a nonstick coating. I’m not a fan of nonstick coatings, because they degrade and wind up in your food… ick.