St. Paddy’s Peppermint Patty Cookies

Welcome to Sunday Morning Bacon – St. Paddy’s Day edition!

Growing up, I was called everything from “Petrucci” to “Truch” to “the Italian girl.” After all, I have a pretty distinctive last name. What most people don’t know? I’m half Irish, as my beautiful green-eyed mom – maiden name Byrne  —  would be happy to tell you.

So today, I’m putting on my leprechaun hat to show you just how mischievously Irish I can be (yes, you can have your sweets and still live a primal lifestyle!). When you try out the following dessert recipe, you’re sure to feel like a leprechaun who’s just discovered a pot of gold!

With my redefining sweets philosophy, I’ve discovered that we can still have sweets and treats in moderation, and be healthy, if we learn what “real-food” sweets are. These are sweets that aren’t packed with sugary carbohydrates, gluten, and processed ingredients. Using real foods will allow you to explore the senses and create amazing desserts of which you can be proud.

Watch out, though — these desserts may make your friends and family green with envy! Ah, go ahead, pass them the recipe, and the next time you go to their house, you get to enjoy “real-food” desserts too!

By the way, when making these recently, I got one of those “double yolks” from my pastured eggs. Do you think that was  a stroke of luck and means I have the luck of the Irish coming my way? We’ll see …

Check out the Sunday Morning Bacon recipe here. 

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann