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Want to Lose Weight? Kick These 'Friends' Out of Bed

Published: | Lifestyle | by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci | Share Your Thoughts

Ah, bedtime. Time to slip on our jammies, curl up with a good book, send a few last texts to our friends, and then turn out the lights. And what's the last thing most of us do? We plug our electronic devices into their chargers on the nightstand so we can grab them first thing in the morning.

That's exactly what I used to do. But now, I make my phone and my tablet sleep in another room.

No, we didn't break up. I still love them dearly, and we'll always be together. (Well, at least until the next models come out.) But I recently found out that in the sack, our relationship just wasn't healthy.

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Why Drugs Aren't Always The Best Solution For Anxiety & Insomnia

Published: | Lifestyle | by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci | Share Your Thoughts

I'm all about helping you age-proof your body and mind — sharing the secrets to a long life that's filled with purpose and joy, no matter what challenges life throws your way. 

But I realize that those challenges can get pretty overwhelming. I see patients all the time who struggle with stressors most Americans didn't even think about a few years ago. Stuff like information overload, being "on" 24/7, and chronic financial insecurity. Add those woes to eternal human challenges like caring for loved ones, finding meaning, and dealing with change and loss, and it's no wonder we're being diagnosed with anxiety and depression in record numbers. 

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Your Roadmap To Optimal Intestinal Health

Published: | Lifestyle | by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci | Share Your Thoughts

When most people think about the gut, they think of digestion. But that’s just a small part of the picture. The truth is, the state of your gut determines the state of practically every other part of you, establishing you as either the picture of health or a portrait in suffering. 

In fact, it wouldn’t be off the mark to think of the gut as your control center. And that’s a fabulous thing because it’s a control center over which you have lots of control! So let’s get clear about all it does and put you back in charge! 

It takes guts.

For many people, it’s a big surprise to learn that what goes on in their gastrointestinal system has a major impact on both the functioning of their brain and the state of their emotions. It turns out “having a gut feeling” is a real thing. 

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