Patrick's Success Story - Lifelong Habits and 100lbs Lost

“I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid (I'm 45) and I considered myself a professional for losing weight and gaining it back plus a few more. I have done everything...when I was a kid I went the diet center, tried acupuncture, nutrisystem, weight watchers and dozens of books (most not even cracked open) online programs, get the picture...

Then fast forward to July 2016 when I came across your book in my inbox, like the dozens of other, I ordered it. This time was different, the day I got it I sat down after work and read the whole book (and thumbed through the recipes...) I was "in" and decided to start the following Monday, August 1st 2016. I had also met a friend/chef who left her job as an executive chef because of a severe auto-immune disease and started making bone broth in an commercial kitchen. This was great because I had a excuse about not having time to make it... I weighed 288 pounds, I was really sick. This time was different... sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was hard, it was a struggle... oh and did I mention I run a internationally known candy company! (I've been in the candy business all my life). I just used the motto "one day at a time" and sometimes was surviving minute by minute. I did the BBD (2 fasts/week) religiously with a few exceptions until around March when I shifted a bit towards the 80/20 but still do intermittent fasting quite a forward to now. As of this morning I weigh 169 pounds... you can do the math! I look and feel 10 year younger and have vowed to never go back. You and my BB friend helped save my life! So as it has been said thousands of times... it's my new lifestyle.  —Patrick  

Patrick mentioned in his email how many different diet systems he has tried over the years. From Nutrisystems to Weight Watchers—these diets have failed him.

Why does the Bone Broth Diet work? It's simple science. With the Bone Broth Diet, you rewire your body to become a natural fat burner. You start by healing your gut, because a leaky gut can literally infect every part of your body and make you unable to lose weight. Then, you load up your body with foods that encourage fat burning and natural collagen production. You cut out the toxins and support your body's natural healthy systems. This is why the Bone Broth Lifestyle will always work better—especially long-term—because instead of just counting calories, you're making all your body's cells work better.