Want Phthalates with Those Fries?

This is Dr. Kellyann’s Weight Loss Month, and I’m determined to do everything it takes to get those extra pounds off you—even if it includes creeping you out. (Sorry—but I’m a woman on a mission!) So here’s my creepy fact for today: People who regularly eat at fast-food restaurants have up to 40% more phthalates in their bodies than the rest of us. If you aren’t familiar with phthalates, they’re industrial chemicals used in food wrappers and other items associated with fast food production—and they’re tentatively linked to obesity, diabetes, infertility, and even cancer. So if the thought of all the sugar, salt, unhealthy seed oils, and white flour in fast foods doesn’t turn you off, think about those phthalates. They aren’t just adding inches around your waistline—they’re also putting you at risk for serious or even deadly health conditions, and you need to get them out of your body. To strengthen your resolve, I’m asking you to take my “No Fast Food” pledge right now. For the rest of this month, even if you’re on my 80/20 maintenance plan and you’re allowed some cheats, promise me that you’ll stay away from fast food restaurants. No burgers, fries, pizza, tacos, or egg muffins. (You can grab a cup of coffee or tea—but that’s all!) If you’re stressed and busy and you don’t have time to cook, here are some quick, healthy alternatives to hitting the drive-through lane:
  • A rotisserie chicken
  • A salad made from store-bought greens, a preservative-free lunch meat (like Applegate turkey), and pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs from the deli counter
  • Smoked salmon
  • Lettuce wraps with preservative-free meats
  • An omelet or frittata
  • Lamb chops or a small steak—both cook in just minutes!
  • Canned tuna

Also, check out my post here on batch cooking. It’s the fastest way to stock up on meals so you aren’t tempted to break your no-fast-food resolution. And, of course, keep a good supply of bone broth on hand so you can make a quick pot of soup or chili. I know it can be hard to break the fast-food habit. But that’s all it is—a habit—and it’s a really, really bad one! So raise your hand and repeat after me: “No fast food for the rest of April.” And even after the end of the month, see if you can start a new, healthier habit of cooking at home nearly every day. Trust me… once you get used to eating real, clean food, you’re not going to miss those phthalate burgers one bit!

Keep Thinking Big & Living Bold!

P.S.  I want you succeed WAY beyond your weight loss and health goals. To help with my "no fast food" challenge, I've got the perfect "fast" food to replace those quick trips to the drive-through restaurant. Pack one of my chocolate fiber bars in your briefcase or purse for your afternoon snack, or you can blend up a scoop of my bone broth protein with some berries and greens for a filling, healthy lunch!