Jamie's Transformation Photos

Jamie's Success Story - Healing Chronic Colitis

"I've lost 12lbs in the 21 days. I had the carb flu the entire 21 days but I am starting to feel great and refreshed. I suffer from chronic colitis and from day 1 I have not had my usual pain and bloating. I could tell instantly that real food and clean eating produce extreme benefits. Healing my body is my number one goal, but all of this weight loss is a great perk as well!"  —Jamie

One of the amazing things about adding bone broth into your diet—no matter if you're trying to heal your body, like Jamie, or trying to lose twenty pounds or more—it helps to heal your gut from the very first sip. So many people who try the Bone Broth Diet to lose weight also have digestive problems— constipation, diarrhea, gas, or even all three. Jamie had chronic colitis, which is an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon—and it can be very dangerous.  Weight gain and digestive problems often stem from a common source: a sick gut. The gelatin and other nutrients in bone broth help heal the gut, curing digestive problems while they facilitate weight loss.