Jackie's Success Story: Losing 11.5 Pounds

Jackie's Success Story: Losing 11.5 Pounds

What’s the first thing you do when you find something that actually works? You share it! With a friend, a family member, or the whole world.

Because it feels AMAZING to have discovered the secret to a better life — and you want others to experience it, too. And that’s exactly what happens within my DKA community. In fact, that’s how Jackie found my Bone Broth Diet!

The main driver was one of my friends had been on it, and I saw the before and after results…I was like, wow.

And almost immediately, she went and bought my book and got STARTED — all because of that one friend! But do you know what I love the most about Jackie’s story?

She didn’t do it by herself…Of course, she had me in her corner cheering her on, but she also had a group of close friends to motivate her.

We did this as a group. There was five of us in total. We were texting each other every day. We would send an update at our weigh-ins. I think that really helped keep us motivated.”

They even had weekly group dinners! But the transformation didn’t stop with the group, because Jackie had started a chain reaction.

You see, after losing 11.5 pounds, Jackie went on a trip to Cancun and posted her vacation picture to Facebook…

I was like, ‘Well damn, I look good!’ And I posted it to Facebook… And I’ve got to tell you, there were exes coming out of the woodwork…Then my brothers, they would give me an underhanded compliment…But even for my mom to pick up the phone or comment on it, she goes, ‘Honey, you look really good.’”

You know I love to hear that! 

And her results were so inspiring that her mom and other mothers in her accountability group started my program as well! In fact, everyone in Jackie’s accountability group experienced transformative results — and not just in looks but in lifestyle.

“The broth is not going anywhere. That's just going to be in my life for as long as I live. It's just something that I love doing…I love the benefits of it. I feel good about myself again. Thank you for reminding me of the healthy living we all need to maintain.”

I can’t tell you how much those words mean to me. Just the thought of bringing people together, and helping them feel and look their best is my life’s joy!

Sending you my big Italian kiss,