Nancy's Success Story: Total Reset

Nancy's Success Story: Total Reset

Nancy’s commitment to her health paid off… in more ways than one. 

I want to introduce you to Nancy.

Nancy has been a customer since 2018, so she's been with me for a while… and she's truly adopted the DKA lifestyle in a way I've never seen before. She is a guiding light when it comes to listening to her body:

"Sometimes I want to be more strict, so I follow the 10-day slimdown. Sometimes I need a reboot and I do a Cleanse and Reset. Other times, I just want to eat normally… but in a healthy way. That's what the Bone Broth diet taught me: how to eat healthy."

But this year was tough, even for a pro like Nancy. She fell into a stress slump when quarantine upended her schedules. Her work routine changed. Her ability to see her friends changed. She felt stressed and isolated. Nancy began to overeat and over-snack. She comforted herself with all the wrong choices... instead of choosing whole, healthy foods to nourish and fuel her body.

When she stopped trusting her gut, she lost her bubbly energy and just felt heavy...Out of breath...Bloated. But this self-care rockstar knew exactly what to do.

"It was time to come back. And I knew the Cleanse and Reset would be the perfect way to do that. It was amazing the difference that I felt immediately. I felt so much better. My head was better. My skin started clearing up. So many good things started to happen."

Isn't that so inspiring? Even when she felt lousy, Nancy knew she needed to take a step back, reset, and get herself back on track. 

And she did it!