Ben's Success Story: Losing 22 pounds in 21 days

Ben's Success Story: Losing 22 pounds in 21 days

When was the last time you were determined to get something started right away? The last time you heard about a new challenge and dropped everything to start? Well, you might have the same determination as Ben.

After going through multiple diets over the years, Ben just couldn’t find anything that would work. He went through Paleo, Keto, Medifast, and after just turning 40, he was ready to throw in the towel. 

But one Friday, Ben came across my work, saw the numerous reviews and results I’ve gotten for thousands of others over the years… And instantly knew this was just what he needed. That same day, he found my Bone Broth Diet book on Amazon and was all ready to order until he realized his copy wouldn’t get there till Tuesday! Could you guess what he did instead?

“I was, like, you know what, I'm going to go to Barnes and Noble. So, I got in the car that day, hopped down and I actually bought the 21-Day Bone Broth Diet.”

Ben’s wife Megan didn’t know about it until he came back, but the minute she heard about the diet, she was ready to do this as a team:  

“She was sold within, you know, five minutes, and that Sunday we started.”

And after 21 days, they both lost 10% of their body weight:

 “After 21 days, I lost 22.2 pounds. I lost four inches off my chest. I lost five inches off my waist. I mean, I feel great.”

I couldn’t believe it either, but just look at these before-and-after pictures! And it’s not just his waistline, Ben has turned back the hands of time on his face, too!

“I was getting bags under my eyes and puffiness around my cheeks. Within the first two weeks after drinking bone broth, I noticed a glow. I started to get moisture on it because I was telling my wife: ‘My face feels tight.’”

I mean, just look at how he is glowing!

But like so many of my customers, the results went far beyond appearance for Ben...You see, as a former paramedic, Ben knew how important blood pressure gets with age, and he started to notice a difference: 

“I wear a Fitbit all the time and I know a lot of people are worried about blood pressure. Mine was always just mildly high around 78, which is not good. But after a week of doing the diet, I noticed my heart rate is now 52 resting. Last time it was this low was in my early 20s in great shape.”

And with this newfound Tiger Blood energy, he’s also seen a big boost in confidence

“The energy and the confidence coincide together, so the more confident you feel, the more energy you have. It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I'm ready to go out and do stuff.’”

But one thing he’s also mentioned (which is something I stress all the time) is how my Bone Broth Diet has changed his way of thinking too:

“I'm training my mind and my body to learn how to eat right again. This is like mind and body training, and when I get hungry, I tell myself, "It's okay to be hungry. You just learn how to take care of your body. I don't even know if I've ever learned how to do that, to be honest.” 

I say it all the time, this is a mental game!

It’s one that requires lots of learning about your body, how you can change all aspects of your life to create a new lifestyle. But like Ben, you can’t wait to start tomorrow or next week… you have to become determined to start right now, exactly where you are.

Because good things don’t just come to those who wait, good things come to those who make things happenBen didn’t wait. He made his health a priority. And he got what he deserved. 

And I know you deserve more, too!

Sending you my big Italian kiss,

DKA xo