Malaika's Success Story: Finding Her Fighting Weight

Malaika's Success Story: Finding Her Fighting Weight

Tick tock, tick tock…Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of the clock catching up with you! Trust me, I get it. There’s more rolls here, more aches there...There’s more exhaustion everywhere! And the sad truth is, most people believe they’re doomed to live with extra weight and a body they don't recognize.

Take Malaika, for example:

“My weight used to be very consistent. It only fluctuated between seven pounds, and it stayed there until I was about 35. But then I gained 20 pounds in two years.”

Like so many women, she couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong. She was very active — she went to the gym and walked to work every day…She tried every popular diet out there: paleo, keto — you name it, she tried it.

But nothing she ate agreed with her. It was like a switch flipped! She turned 35, and suddenly… her body didn't feel like her own anymore. Because it's all downhill from there anyway, right?

No way, baby! Just like me, Malaika refused to back down.

“I felt like something just wasn't right and I just couldn't figure out what it was. That’s what led me to try Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet.”

And if you want PROOF of how transformative my life-changing method is… look no further.

"Before I started the program, I was really frustrated. By that point, I’d tried everything. I was eating a clean diet. I was exercising. I was taking supplements and downing kombucha, probiotics, and yogurt. I just couldn’t figure out why nothing was going right. And I’m looking at friends who are feeling great and I was like, ‘Something must be wrong with me."

How many times have you said that to yourself? How many times have you envied the progress your friends and co-workers have made and asked the mirror...What is wrong with me?

Listen, I hear you. I didn't develop the Bone Broth lifestyle because all the diets I'd tried were workingI’d tried them all with no lasting results, and knew I had to find a solution!

But, once I had it down, it made all the difference in the world for me, and for Malaika, too:

"I have been doing the program again and again. I keep it in my back pocket. I'll do the 21-day just to get to what I like to call my fighting weight. And I call it that because it's not like I'm trying to get back to my high school weight or anything like that. I just know that there's a certain weight range where my clothes fit well, I feel confident, I feel strong, I don't feel too skinny, and everything just looks proportionate."

You know what I love most about this story? Malaika didn't find happiness because she tried to invent a time machine — it was when she committed to herself in the present that she finally saw results. That's why her journey really spoke to me, and why I want to share it with you. The fact is, our bodies change. How could they not? 

I mean, look at me! This body has taken me through my awkward teenage years, to a slim, sexy 20-something…It carried and delivered my sons…And it brought me here, to you

I want YOU to find your fighting weight. Because you deserve to feel your best, too. The first step? Believe that you CAN feel your best.

Not by turning back the clock...but by embracing all that you are today. Believe in yourself.  Because YOU got yourself here. Believe that your life can be better… so much better… than it is right now. You’ve got this! Let's keep going, together.

Sending you my big Italian kiss,