Jill's Success Story: A Lifestyle Change

Jill's Success Story: A Lifestyle Change

Today I want to let you in on  the most important lesson my community member, Jill, learned when she and her family started following my Bone Broth Diet. 

Oh! My bad. She doesn't even use the often-dreaded D-word! No, Jill took a completely new approach to healthy eating, and it was just the thing she needed to make major transformational moves.

And just look at the result! 


Talk about a transformation! Jill was able to lose 11.2 lbs, and 7” total on her first cycle of the Bone Broth Diet! And even more the second time! But what she gained was so much more… Jill’s story absolutely sets me on fire because she approached this journey exactly the way I hope that everyone will. Are you itching to know her secret? I’ll give you a hint: this is how Jill sees it… 

"This isn’t a diet for us, it's a lifestyle change."

You see, like many of us, Jill struggled with her health and body image for years, obsessing over her meals. That was until she learned to trust the one person who knows her body better than anyone else… Herself!

"I learned to trust my body to know when I was truly hungry and [learned] that I could teach my body to burn fat for fuel."

Does trusting yourself seem like a wild concept? If it does, I get it, believe me. It can be difficult to cut through the jungle of 'advice' given to you when you start on your very own health journey. Everyone seems to have their own opinion about how much and how often you should eat...whether they're a nutritionist or not! (Fun fact: most of them aren’t.) 

But, I'm here to tell you the most important piece of advice you'll ever hear. And it’s the key to Jill’s success…Are you ready? There is no one right answer. The secret is... there is no secret. Because the truth is that we are all differentWe have different needs, different body compositions, different health journeys.So how did Jill see such amazing results? By embracing a total mindset makeover. 

When Jill found the Bone Broth Diet, she felt empowered to take the right steps for her body. So she hit the ground running, and she completely changed her relationship with food.

"I learned to trust that the food and portions I was eating was going to help me and not hurt me."

Like so many others, Jill found the ancient health secret that changed everything... and she saw results! That's because she didn’t just try a couple bowls of bone broth and return to her old, unhealthy, obsessive way of doing things. She realized that simply drinking bone broth every day without changing her habits was not going to shift the scale. And she knew she had to do a complete 180 on her health. 

So, Jill changed her mindset to one of determination and resilience and dug into my library of convenient recipes and products… not just to catapult herself into the best shape of her life, but to create healthy meals for her entire family.

"The recipes in both of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet books are easy to follow even for more novice chefs, like myself. I love that I can make healthy, delicious meals for my family — and we don’t miss the carbs!"

That's the best part! She knows that she doesn’t have to starve herself or stress over every single bite to see life-changing results. 

"I am free from calorie counting, point tracking, and weighing and measuring my foods. I have finally found a program that allows me to feel free from the chains of food obsession. For that, I am eternally grateful."

These are the kinds of stories that get me out of bed every morning and what keeps me writing to you every week. I want you to make the choice to do a mindset makeover… To feel empowered to take control of your health…To learn how to block out the noise that’s coming from every direction…And to trust your body.

Because you already have everything you need to change your life. I’m just here to encourage you along the way.

Sending you my big Italian kiss,