Joan's Success Story - Beating Emotional Eating

"I lost 30 pounds in 4 months on the Bone Broth Diet. I am an emotional eater and after years of keto and eating/feeling great my 88 year old dad fell and that triggered me. I gained 30 lbs and had NO willpower left. Even though his recovery was fast and successful, I continued my downward spiral. In July I came across the Bone Broth Diet book, read it on a Sunday and started on a Monday. I have never had such good and fast results with anything else I've ever tried. I pretty much stick to the 21 day plan all of the time except for when I travel, then I do 80/20. It took 4 months to get 2 lbs from my initial goal weight. This is truly a way of life and not just a "diet."" —Joan

Emotional eating and no willpower to withstand powerful cravings... it can feel like you're stuck on "repeat" with no way out!

One secret of the Bone Broth Diet—the part that really helped Joan break her cycle—is that bone broth helps defeat cravings in a big way. Bone broth is filling, fabulous, and even fun. It truly does satisfy both your psychological cravings and your physical needs. (That’s why I call it liquid gold.) And it’s the biggest secret to a successful mini-fast, where you don't feel even slightly deprived.

Also, another quick note on Joan's face—don't you just love how you can see the difference in her jaw line, in her cheeks, and in the glow from her eyes and skin? Such an awesome transformation!