Sandy's Success Story - Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

Sandy's Success Story - Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

I want to tell you a story about a woman named Sandy.

Sandy’s story, like so many others, is so relatable, and a heartbreaking tale that I hear all too often. Sandy had struggled with her health her entire life. She didn’t like the picture on her work badge. She felt stuck in the endless loop of fad diets and yo-yo results. And she was tired of feeling sluggish, run-down, and tired all the time.

So she went looking for a solution... and found bone broth

Now Sandy didn’t just sip on bone broth a couple times and then move on to the next thing. She truly embraced every part of the Bone Broth Lifestyle, and it changed her entire life. Sandy got real with her goals, hit the ground running,  and her results were astounding

She lost:

  • 24 pounds
  • Several inches
  • and THREE pant sizes! 

But what she gained was so much more: 

  • Higher energy 
  • Healthier hair, skin, and nails 
  • Better sleep hygiene 
  • Confidence through the roof

And she even says that she looks forward to shopping now!! Of course she does! Check her out! I mean just LOOK at her energy! 

weight loss transformation

Sandy was beautiful before she started this lifestyle, but her newfound glow and confidence has made her irresistible. And she notices it, too! 

“Oh man my is glowing. Plus, my hair is longer and thicker. I can’t get over how different my face, neck and even my arms look.”

 But her story wasn’t a fluke! Sandy, and so many others like her, found the ancient health secret that changed everything, and saw lasting results because she didn’t do it halfway. 

“The fasting, collagen coffee, Dr. Kellyann protein, and bone broth are all essential parts of my daily routine.” 

That’s right, instead of just counting on bone broth, Sandy tapped into my entire arsenal of convenient and delicious — LIFE-CHANGING — products, and uses them to help catapult her to her best health. 

I exercise daily now instead of 3 times a week because it makes me feel good instead of tired like when I first started!” 

Yes, you read that right. Sandy looks forward to exercising! 

But the key is, she doesn’t have to starve herself or exercise for hours every day to see life changing results. In fact, she leans into the lifestyle and is learning how to make it work for her.  

“My hubby and I like to eat out to socialize and relax. So when we go out, I order healthy protein, skip the chips and bread, and stick to water. I’m so excited because even eating out, I continue to lose weight thanks to using just a few tricks in Dr. Kellyann’s book!”

And if you thought that wasn’t impressive enough, you’ll really love this.

“What’s crazy is I no longer snack on candy because I love the collagen bars. Plus, the chocolate protein is like a treat! So yummy. I’ve even been off of soda for 6 months now. When I have that craving, I hear Dr. Kellyann talk about killing my good gut bugs and go straight for the cold lemon water instead.” 

I don’t know if you’ve ever been beholden to a soda addiction, but that sugar demon is a nasty guy. Guess what though? By treating the Bone Broth Diet as a lifestyle, Sandy crushed her sugar addiction with EASE! 

“I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. After three weeks, it just felt like a habit, that I’ve turned into a lifestyle. I know the timeline is different for each person, but it’s a mental thing.”

Remember what I’m always telling you about mindset? It. Is. Absolutely. Everything. 

To succeed — to truly reach your goals and go for it in life — you have to stand in your truth. When all of those gnats fly around your ears — those external voices of naysayers, discouragers, haters, —  and try to bring you down, you have the power to swat them aside and keep going. All you have to do is center yourself, stand in your truth, and stay the course. That’s how you’re going to see lasting change.

Like Sandy says, It’s a mindset thing. 

Listen to how she ends her story.

I couldn’t be more excited that this is a lifestyle change instead of a diet, because I know I can keep the weight off and continue feeling healthy. I am beyond grateful and am sooo amazed! I love all her tips — Dr. Kellyann is an awesome motivator. I truly could go on and on about the positive changes Bone Broth did for me. Thank you so much Dr. Kellyann. This has changed my life dramatically.” 

And that’s why I do what I do...To change your life, dramatically.

I see you. I know how valuable you are. And I hope when you look in the mirror, you see it, too. 

Sending you my big Italian Kiss,