Perry Bloomer Jr. Weight Loss & Confidence Boost

Perry Bloomer Jr. Weight Loss & Confidence Boost

Hi Dr. Kellyann,

I just wanted to let you know that I've still been following the Bone Broth and Collagen way of life, and I have not gained back one single pound since losing my weight over the summer! My total weight loss has been 35 pounds, and I feel so much better than I did. I have more energy and ambition and I have a much healthier digestive system.

I get lots of compliments on how good I look "for my age", which some people may take as a slight insult, but I don't. For almost 52 years old, I don't think I look that age at all, and I certainly don't feel it. I live without bloating and am going to start a yoga program after the holidays are over.

Although my actual, current weight is lower than it says on my driver's license, which is amazing, I noticed my smaller clothes don't all fit great. I think it's because I do absolutely no exercise. I came to the conclusion that yoga may be the best way for me to tone and re-shape myself while keeping the blood flowing properly and basically exercising without the strain and stress. Looking forward to a great 2019 and I still owe it all to you getting the word out there about Bone Broth.

Actually, I felt so good about myself that my self-esteem was better which allowed me to go on a job interview for a job I really wanted and put my best foot forward. I GOT THE JOB! I'm working as the Special Education Census Clerk for a Regional School Department! Long title, but great job, and only about 5 minutes from my home.

I know I wouldn't have even applied at my heavier, more depressed self, so I thank you for helping me get my life back on track. I actually feel like I have something to offer the world again. Well, due to the new job and me not being able to sip from a pot of Bone Broth stewing on the stove all day, I found Organic Bone Broth Powder online. I know I don't use it as directed, but I wanted to be sure I was getting the benefits of Bone Broth by taking it in one way or another.

So, and I know it sounds a little crazy, I actually sprinkle Bone Broth Powder on just about everything I eat. It's especially good sprinkled on tuna salad or chicken salad, or the like, which I have on Rye Bread. Rye doesn't bother me like Wheat, or God forbid White, and it doesn't bloat me out or make me gain weight. I don't know why, but my body processes it fine, so I just go with it. The Bone Broth Powder has no taste, and it actually seems to enhance the flavor of everything. I just think of it as "sprinkle cheese" and it's a definite Blessing.

Anyway, I figured I'd send you a few pictures to show you my success. The first picture, of heavy me at 215 pounds, is from July 4th, 2018. The next picture of me, in light blue, is me at the end of August, 2018, at 185 pounds when I sent you my Thank You email. The last picture was taken at Christmas, and that's me at 180 pounds. I love the fact that I follow the 80/20 aspect of the diet and don't feel like I'm restricting myself at all.

This is one "diet" that works and I tell everyone about it and it is so easy that I know I'll stick to it, hopefully, for the rest of my life. And, yes, you can use any of my testimonial you like, because it's all 100 percent true and I'm proud to say it. Thanks again so much and Happy New Year!!!

Perry Bloomer Jr

Wow! Perry’s results are amazing. What a renewed energy and boost of confidence this must bring to his life. Doing this diet can encourage you to have the confidence you need to go after the other things you desire in different areas in your life.