Tara's Success Story: Overcoming Her Sugar Cravings

Tara's Success Story: Overcoming Her Sugar Cravings

Does your body ever just crave sugar? Almost like your brain jumps in the driver’s seat, throws you in the passenger seat, and all of a sudden you’re in your pantry looking for a tasty snack… 

That’s exactly what was happening to Tara,  At first, you would think she’s doing great: she works out a lot, she eats clean, she goes to yoga.  But there was one little thing that was keeping her from reaching her goals… Sugar.  You see, sugar was her worst enemy, and she battled with it every single day.

“It’s so addictive,” she would always say. 

And although sometimes she was able to keep herself away from sugar for days at a time…She eventually would give into that sugar demon, and feel like she had to start all over again. 

“I really wanted to clean out my system, just so I could feel better. My energy was just so low — I wanted a reset.” 

So, Tara decided to try my 5-Day Cleanse & Reset Kit as a jumpstart to getting back on track.

“I feel great. I feel so much lighter, like I have more energy. It’s so easy to wake up in the morning and go to bed now.”

By the 5th day, she lost 2 inches off her waist and hips!

“My stomach was 29 inches the first day; by day 5, I was at 27 inches. Same with the hips; I was at 39 on the first day, then 37 by the last!” 

And because my cleanse is so convenient, Tara was able to manage it while she was working throughout the week.

“I’m someone who works a lot. I pretty much worked the entire time on this cleanse, but because everything was portioned in a package, I could take it with me easily.” 

Eventually, she was finally able to kick her cravings for sugar and take back control over her body again!

I don't even have the cravings to want the sugar that I wanted before. Like it just doesn't feel good to go into my system after doing this, after doing such a wonderful thing for my body.” 

And although her cravings are still there (we’re all human!), she feels like she now has the tools to control her cravings. Meaning, her cravings don’t control her

What if you could do the same? What if you could completely understand your cravings and desire for sugar or fast food? Could you imagine how that could change your life (like how it did for Tara)? How much more energy you could have? How proud would you be of yourself for standing firm in your commitment and determination?

I wanted to share Tara’s story with you to show you what’s possible if you learn to understand your cravings and take control of your body once again. 

Watch Tara's video:

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