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Give Your Joints and Muscles a Hydrating Boost!

This mighty addition to my best-selling Lemons Sips line helps support your joints and muscles with a refreshing burst of lemon-flavored hydration. Deliciously formulated to promote lean muscles, support flexibility and mobility, and support exercise performance.

  • Helps promote joint comfort
  • Supports flexibility and mobility
  • Promotes optimal joint function
  • Promotes muscle strength and lean muscles
  • Supports endurance during exercise

    Ingredients and Nutrition

    Discover all the Benefits of Lemon Sips + Joint and Muscle Health

    Lemon Sips + Joint and Muscle Health is a revolutionary formula designed to help you power through both your toughest workouts and your daily activities with every delicious serving. Dr. Kellyann and her team, led by a Harvard-trained scientist, created this miracle beverage to be the first of its kind to support both joints and muscles.

    The combination of power-packed ingredients like East Indian Globe Thistle and Mango Tree Bark Extract helps boost levels of exercise endurance and muscle function - promoting leaner, stronger muscles. Additionally, functional ingredients like Aqualox and Ripfactor join forces to support overall wellness by supporting muscle gene expression and joint enzymes. This yummy beverage is about to become your secret sidekick for powering through any physical activity the day brings your way!

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    Lemon Sips + Joint And Muscle Health VS. Original Lemon Sips

    Lemon Sips + Joint and Muscle Health and Lemon Sips have different formulations and functional benefits, but they are designed to work in tandem. The magic ingredient in my original Lemon Sips formula is SOD B® — a natural, antioxidant-rich extract derived from cantaloupe. Lemon Sips is a great way to enhance slimming, nourishing, and beautifying effects thanks to its detoxifying and hydrating properties.

    The hero ingredients in my Lemon Sips + Joint and Muscle Health are Aqualox and Ripfactor, both of which promote joint and muscle health. Lemon Sips + Joint and Muscle Health helps promote an active lifestyle while easing discomfort from exercise and normal aging of joints and muscles. You can use this delicious beverage as a refreshing boost at the beginning or end of your workout, jog, or even a relaxing walk.

    The best part is, you don’t have to choose! You can integrate both my original Lemon Sips and Lemon Sips + Joint and Muscle Health into your healthy hydration routine at any time of day.

    30-Day Guarantee

    Dr. Kellyann stands by her products and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Returns and refunds must be requested within 30 days of your purchase. There will be a $9.95 processing fee on returns. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please email us at and we will provide details on how to return your order for a refund.

    If you’ve received a shipment of our product that is defective or damaged please contact us at

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    Dr. Kellyann

    Delicious Broth

    I love the Thai Lemongrass Bone Broth, it is so yummy, I can have it every day and not get tired of it.

     Sara S.
    Dr. Kellyann

    Lemon Sips Are Awesome!

    I just started drinking lemon sips and I love the taste. I feel more energized and my skin looks great. I am 62 years old!

    Therese S.
    Dr. Kellyann

    I love BellaBiotics!

    I feel good and my skin is looking and feeling more hydrated. I love the minty flavor too!

    Julie L.