Tracie's Bone Broth Diet Transformation

Tracie's Success Story - Husband and Wife Lose Weight Together

“Dr. Kellyann's diet and bone broth helped both me and my husband. I have Hashimotos and had been unable to lose weight and even though I have been gluten-free for a couple of years I was still not feeling my best.. I've watched a few summits in which Dr. Kellyann spoke and I felt like that was the way I needed to go. It just makes sense!!

So after my daughter got married and the stress of planning a wedding was over, my husband and I went for it and started the 21 day bone broth diet. My husband does not have an autoimmune disease, but agreed do it with me. In the first week he lost 16lbs and I lost 8. We kept on going for 3 months for a total of 45 lbs lost by my husband and 23lbs by me. Our BMI's are in the healthy range!

I cooked from the quick start guide and her book and all the food was delicious!! My husband kept saying he couldn't believe he was losing weight and eating so well. We feel better and look better. We are currently in the maintenance phase and love the 80-20 approach!! My endocrinologist told me I needed to slow down on the weight loss and adjusted my thyroid medication! I cut my antibodies in half !! We have since promoted the diet to friends and they have similar results! —Tracie

Wow! Tracie's results are fabulous. Tracie and her husband lost almost 70lbs, combined... what a renewed energy this must bring to their household. Doing this diet with a friend or family member allows you to not only get mental and emotional support when you hit a craving or are experiencing the "carb flu" but also lets you share the food and the cooking during your diet.