Mary's Success Story - 60lbs Lost—and a Plan to Keep It Off Forever

“I lost most of my weight in the first 4 months—55 pounds—and 5 more over the next 5 months for 60 pounds total—and have kept it off for more than one year. I love the eating plan and whenever I start to get out of control I just buckle down and make sure I am doing 80/20 and include 2 fasting days a week. I prefer turkey bone broth but my bones are usually a mixture from bones I've stuck in the freezer. This is the longest I've gone without regaining lost weight. Oh, and I am now 2 years cancer free from colon cancer and truly needed to lose the weight to increase my odds of staying that way. I am currently 64 years old. —Mary

Mary's email proves how truly different the Bone Broth Diet is from other diets. The manageable 21 day cycles with two mini-fasting days each week make this plan a lifelong journey—and YOU get to be the driver. When you learn the three pillars of the Bone Broth Diet... fat-burning foods, collagen and bone broth, plus mini-fasting, you'll have the power to employ these tools for the rest of your life to keep off excess weight forever.

This diet is about so much more than just going from a little frumpy to completely chic. It's about a lifestyle that keeps your cells detoxified and growing in a healthy way.