Kathie's Transformation photos

Kathie's Success Story - "The Belly Fat Melted Away"

“I felt unattractive, frustrated, depressed because other diets never worked. I felt I'd never find a diet that would work. I felt overweight/obese, I had low energy and achey joints. After I saw that my girlfriend had lost and how good she looked, I was determined to try the diet. I bought the book, read it that night and started my transformation. The belly fat melted away, that was my biggest trouble spot. I feel elated I was able to lose and see significant results. I went from wearing a size 18 down to a 12. I can't remember when I last wore a 12 so it must have been in junior high school! —Kathie

How would it feel to wear a size that you hadn't worn since JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL? Kathie, I wish I could have been with you the moment you pulled those pants. I love that you and your friend were able to take this journey together and you were able to reverse the achey joints, and feelings of unattractiveness.

The change in Kathie's belly fat is obvious, but even though the lighting is different in the before and after picture, you can really see how her face looks firmer and less puffy as well. This is a clear sign of improved gut health! Radiant from the inside out.