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Lemon Sips
Kyle (Santa Ana, US)
Love the flavor

Adds a real lemon flavor to my water, I use this everyday and really enjoy it.

Switched from vital proteins

I used to use vital proteins everyday, but I think this one mixes better and has cleaner ingredients.

My favorite flavor!

Awesome flavor, so far it's my favorite. Very filling and satisfying.

Best Bone Broth- French Onion

Awesome flavor! Much better then the Original Bone Broth. I even mix the two together. So far, it is my favorite.

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth
Danielle Elbert Hartle (Fishers, US)
So flavorful!

I definitely enjoy this Bone Broth. I has better flavor than others and does not have a funny after taste like others do. I have one every day, sometimes twice a day. Such a great supplement to my daily nutritional routine.

Super Vanilla Smoothie
Isabel Lafont-Howell (Newnan, US)
Love it!

Love love the smoothie mix. It os delicioso. Have tried some other brands and they are not as flavorful.

Super Chocolate Smoothie
Isabel Lafont-Howell (Newnan, US)
Chocolate smoothie

It is so full of flavor and creamy. My favorite.

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth - Thai Lemongrass
Jacqueline Soechtig (Phoenix, US)

Great product- tastes good and it is good for you! Excellent combination!💖

21-Day Bone Broth Diet Product Bundle
Gina Curet (Denver, US)

I did the 5 day CB Leanne and then the 21 day bone broth diet and followed it to the T! It worked…15 pounds gone and my clothes feel so much better. The products were tasty and it was easy to stay on track! Loved it and will continue to do what I learned from her book!

Digital Bone Broth Lifestyle Guide
Cheryl Risetter (Lewisville, US)
Digital Bone Broth Lifestyle Guide

I found the guide helpful but highly recommend to newbies or others to order the Revised and Updated Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet Book. It was so informative and went into much more detail on how to follow this diet plan. Plus, great recipes!

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth - French Onion
Cheryl Risetter (Lewisville, US)
BB French Onion Best

I finally ordered the French Onion Bone Broth and it’s so good. I would recommend it to other newbies like myself!

Delicious French Onion

I’m so glad I decided to try French Onion bone broth. It tastes delicious “as is” and is filling and satisfying.

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth - French Onion
Felice Lookabill (Las Vegas, US)
Not my fav

I’m not really a fan of it all by itself but if I mix a package with some of my own homemade bone broth I’m good with it. I am looking forward to trying the lemon lavender. So for now I’ll stick with the homestyle.


Thai Lemongrass is my favorite, no need to add anything to it, taste great all by itself!!!

Awesome program!

The 21 day broth diet program is awesome! I lost 12 pounds and 11 inches overall. Totally a program I can live with and am continuing as I want to lose 20 more pounds. Can't wait to reach my goal and be able to keep the weight off! Thank you Dr. Kellyann!

Complete Collagen Protein - Flavorless
Stephanie Wong (Temple City, US)
Still on the fence

I’m still on the fence on what to make of this flavorless collagen protein. I love that it dissolves quickly in my warm tea but am not a fan of the taste. I know it’s supposed to be flavorless but there’s an aftertaste i’m not too crazy about. I’ve been using other powdered collagen proteins for the last 3-4 years but they don’t have an aftertaste. I recently switched over to this and haven’t decided it would be a fit. So, I’ll continue with it to see how it goes.

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth
alicia lokai (Dayton, US)
so picky & loved it

I really like this broth. I'm not a big soup fan & I was really afraid I wouldn't like the taste b/c I'm an extremely picky eater but its so mild. I added a little salt and I'm loving it

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth - Thai Lemongrass
Bonnie Garrison (St. Petersburg, US)
Yum Yummy

Drank this thru my recent biopsy and breast surgery. Delicious. Hate that it’s on back order again though

Joanne Everhart (West Chester, US)

I've been using for about 3 weeks, my skin is definitely looking better. The probiotic is also helping with regularity. I just ordered a refill.

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth
Holly Green (Houston, US)
Helps with Stomach Issues!

The Bone Broth is delicious and I've definitely noticed a difference in my tummy troubles and bloating is down when I drink this daily. I'll definitely be re-purchasing

Lemon Sips
Susan Burns (Wartburg, US)
Give it a try

One scoop a day with water results in a refreshing, tasty pick-me-up! I usually drink mine after lunch (DKA approved, of course) to re-energize and keep me going. Would love to see different (bigger) sizes roll out. Another win for this program in my book!

Collagen Fiber Bar - Chocolate Coconut
Kimberly Tyno (Fremont, US)

So delicious not sweet & lots of coconut

Great Tasting

These taste great and you won’t get tired of them after a couple days. Find the right balance of ice and water and throw in a handful of blueberries!

5-Day Cleanse and Reset Kit - IMPROVED
JenniferB Shone (Fort Mill, US)
Makes Bone Broth a Consistent Practice

the pouches make it easy to drink hot bone broth in individual servings daily. the smoothies are the best I've tasted in years; refreshing and not heavy, like most

Super Chocolate Smoothie
Donna Logan (Signal Mountain, US)
Super Chocolate Smoothie Addict!

I love this smoothie mix. I have used it in some of the recipes that call for chocolate collage and I could drink it every day. Completely satisfying and indulgent.