Bone Broth Lifestyle FAQs

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Lifestyle FAQs

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Kit FAQs

Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Lifestyle into your daily life download the Bone Broth Lifestyle guide here.

General Information

What does the bone broth taste like?

Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth tastes like a combination of chicken noodle and beef noodle soup without the noodles.

Is the bone broth safe to use?

Yes! Bone broth is a food and is perfectly safe to consume.


Can I consume bone broth when pregnant or nursing?

Yes! Bone broth is rich in minerals and typically used as the base for soups and stews that can be a healthy addition to your meals during pregnancy and nursing.


Can children consume bone broth?

Yes! Bone broth is rich in minerals and typically used as the base for soups and stews that can be a healthy addition to any lifestyle.

Can diabetics consume bone broth?

Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth is a low-carb and low-glycemic food product with zero sugar and just 2 grams of carbs or less per serving, 0 grams of fat, and 15 grams of protein. Check with your doctor to make sure bone broth fits within your doctor’s macronutrient recommendations.


Is bone broth safe for me to take while on my medication?

Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth and collagen products are food products and should not interfere with any medications or supplements however if you have specific questions about your medications and any interactions we suggest you talk to your doctor.


Product Facts

Where is Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth made?

This bone broth is made in the USA!


What is the powdered bone broth made from chicken or beef?

Both! Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth is made with bone broth powder and hydrolyzed collagen. The powdered bone broth is made just like homemade bone broth, by simmering the bones and cartilage-rich parts of the chicken with various vegetables, herbs and spices, and then dehydrated into a powder. Our hydrolyzed collagen powder comes from the hides of hormone-free, grass-fed beef that are raised in Germany and Brazil. This hydrolyzed collagen powder is what we use as the base for all our powdered collagen products and our powdered products are manufactured here in the USA.


How much collagen is there in Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth?

About 15 to 16 grams.


Is Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth considered keto and paleo?

Yes, it is both keto-friendly and paleo-friendly.


How many calories and carbs are in Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth?

There are 70 calories and 2 grams of carbs per packet. You can see all product macronutrients here.


Is Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth dairy free?

Yes, it is dairy free. It’s also gluten, nut, MSG and soy free, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and non-GMO. You can see all the ingredients and facts here.


Is it kosher?

No, not at this time.


Is it halal?

No, not at this time.


What are the natural flavors in Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth?

Our natural flavors are proprietary flavor combinations. So, while we do not want to give away our secret blend you can rest assured all the ingredients in our flavor blend meet our product claims as listed on our packaging.


How to Use Dr. Kellyann's Powdered Bone Broth

How do I make the powdered bone broth?

Our individualized packets make it super simple. Just grab your favorite mug, pour in the contents of one packet and then add 8-12 ounces of hot water. A small whisk or frother is helpful to stir the contents. Add your favorite seasonings if desired and enjoy!


How do I stop it from clumping?

You will want to use a whisk, a small frother, or start with 4 oz of water, pour the packet in, then the remaining amount of liquid.


Can I use this in place of regular liquid bone broth for fasting and cooking?

Yes, absolutely! Any Dr. Kellyann’s powdered bone broth can be used in any recipe that calls for bone broth. For every cup of bone broth needed in a recipe simply dissolve one packet of powdered bone broth in 8 ounces of hot water. For ideas on how to use your bone broth in a meal check out some amazing soup and stew recipes here and browse main dishes here that often use bone broth.


What can I add to my bone broth?

We suggest you try various herbs and spices to make the bone broth uniquely yours. In addition to herbs and spices you can try adding lemon juice, a little tomato paste, hot sauce, or even Sriracha. Check out this blog post for all kinds of ways to season your bone broth… try a new idea every day.


The Bone Broth Lifestyle

How do I use the Bone Broth Kit?

It’s easy to get started. Start your new healthy journey off by simply adding two cups of bone broth to your daily diet in place of snacks. For additional ideas on how to incorporate Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Lifestyle into your daily life download the Bone Broth Lifestyle guide here.


Can I just eat regularly when using Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth?

While you will experience amazing benefits from drinking two cups of bone broth each day we highly recommend you follow the additional healthy lifestyle guidelines for even greater health benefits. Download the Bone Broth Lifestyle guide here for additional guidelines.


How does the bone broth help me lose weight?

Bone broth has always been the cornerstone of Dr. Kellyann’s weight loss and healthy lifestyle plans and with your bone broth purchase you’re getting all the benefits of this ancient superfood without all the work.

Bone broth is very filling, loaded with nutrients and protein, and very low in calories and when consumed in place of sugary drinks and snacks you lower your sugar and calorie intake. Bone broth is also great for curbing sugar cravings and thanks to the protein it helps you stay fuller longer. It can fill you up, without adding pounds!

Bone broth can also be used to support intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is simply going for a certain period of time without food (you can read more about intermittent fasting here). Intermittent fasting is a great weight loss tool but it’s not always easy for people to fast for 12, 16 or 24 hours at a time when they have never done it before. Bone broth provides nutrients and satiation while being low calorie as well as low-carb and won’t hinder the weight loss benefits of intermittent fasting and it helps you extend your fasting window longer. Remember to only consume water, bone broth, and unsweetened coffee and tea during your fasting window for increased weight loss.


Do I have to fast?

No, you don’t have to fast to experience the benefits of bone broth.


How much weight will I lose and how long does it take to see results?

Every person is different. Certain conditions and diseases such as thyroid disorders and metabolic syndrome can make weight loss harder for some people. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen, it just might happen more slowly. It will also depend on how dedicated you are to changing your unhealthy habits and how closely you follow the guidelines in the Bone Broth Lifestyle.

We have many amazing success stories and testimonials from customers and most report losing between 4 to 10 pounds. Check out some of our most popular bone broth success stories on the Dr. Kellyann YouTube channel.


How easy is it to have two packets of bone broth a day for 1 to 3 weeks?

It is very easy! The packets are small and very easy to carry around in a purse or pocket. Some people even leave packets in their cars just in case they are in a rush or on the go and need their bone broth. All you need to do is add hot water, which you can get most anywhere.


When is the best time of day to drink your bone broth?

Anytime of day! Most like to have one cup bone broth in the morning and then another in the afternoon instead of a snack. Others really enjoy a nice cup after dinner which can help with sleep.


What should I do if I accidentally skip a bone broth?

No need to worry! You can save that extra mug for a day when you might be experiencing more cravings or you can have an extra day with just one cup of bone broth.


What is the eCourse and quick start guide?

When you purchase the Bone Broth Kit you will get access to the Bone Broth Diet ecourse that includes videos and recipes for the Bone Broth Diet. You will also receive quick start guides for the Bone Broth Diet and the 80/20 lifestyle. For an added deep dive into the Bone Broth Diet, you can purchase Dr Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet book and/or Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Cookbook.


Is the Bone Broth Lifestyle the same as the 21-Day Bone Broth Diet?

It’s very close but not exactly the same.

With the Bone Broth Lifestyle you can make it what you want by following the guidelines that work best for you (keep in mind though the more guidelines you follow the better your results will be), and if you “slip-up” now and then you just get back on track at the next meal. In addition, when living the BB Lifestyle intermittent fasting is just an option.

With the Bone Broth Diet you follow all the guidelines and intermittent fast on a 5:2 schedule. A 5:2 fasting schedule means 5 days a week you will follow the Yes and No foods and portion sizes for 3 meals a day and sip on bone broth as needed to curb cravings (1 to 2 cups a day) and 2 days a week you will fast for 24 to 36 hours consuming just bone broth (up to 5 to 6 cups per day), water, and unsweetened coffee and tea. If you slip-up it is recommended that you restart your 21-day bone broth diet.


Can I do the Bone Broth Diet if I purchased the Bone Broth Kit?

On the Bone Broth Diet you’ll need 1 to 2 cups of bone broth 5 days a week and 5 to 6 cups of bone broth for the other 2 days a week so you will most likely need additional bone broth each week if you want to consume the maximum amounts.

But, it is possible to use your Bone Broth Kit on the Bone Broth Diet. We have found that a lot of people don’t consume the maximum amounts of bone broth allowed. We see on average people consuming 4 cups of bone broth on fasting days. So if you aim for 4 cups of bone broth on your 2 fasting days and that will leave you with 1 cup of bone broth on your non-fasting days.

If you want to complete the 21-Day Bone Broth Diet, definitely order additional bone broth but you can get started with what you have.


How can I maintain or continue to improve my results?

Many people fear not being able to keep any weight loss off. But this doesn’t have to be the case with you. Of course, you cannot go back to living an unhealthy lifestyle and expect to keep the weight off, we wish it worked that way but it just doesn’t. Once you have used the guidelines in the lifestyle guide or completed the Bone Broth Diet and have reached your goals you can use the 80/20 template to keep the weight off. And, if you do have a major slip-up you can do a 24-hour bone broth fast to quickly erase the damage!


What is 80/20?

80/20 is the idea that if you follow the BB Lifestyle guidelines tightly 80% of the time and splurge on your favorite treats and indulgences just 20% of the time you should be able to maintain your results.

Think of it like this… if you eat 3 meals a day 7 days a week, 20% of that is 4 meals. So, if 4 meals per week are not perfectly following a healthy template that’s ok (just please don’t eat a whole pizza for one of those meals!). If you count macros then look at it like 4 days a week you can go 20% over your macros.

Honesty is the best policy here… you know when you’re going off the rails and when you are not, and when you are, just dial it back.


What should I do if I start to get tired of drinking two cups a day?

Play with the flavor! Add some spices to help yourself get excited about bone broth again. If you are adding more water than necessary then you can do just the 8 ounces which is easy to maintain. You can also mix it up and try other forms of bone broth, like Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Protein Powder, or a Dr. Kellyann collagen product. You can shop all Dr. Kellyann products here.


What other bone broth and collagen products does Dr. Kellyann have?

Dr. Kellyann has many other products that are made to benefit your health journey, support your gut, and help you lose weight. You can check them all out here!


Support and Resources

What do I do if I need more support?

Go to the DKA Every Day Facebook Group for encouragement and support. The DKA Every Day Facebook Group is filled with people who are excited to help you accomplish your goals with their own advice and encouragement… including members of Dr. Kellyann’s own staff.


I feel like other people are having better results earlier on than me, am I doing something wrong?

No, you are not doing anything wrong! Everybody is different. Just because someone else is seeing a result first does not mean that you are not doing good enough. It is important for your body to react at whatever pace is safest for you. You possibly are seeing results that they have not yet. After all, there are many benefits to bone broth and not everyone will be seeing the same benefit first.


Is there a way to jumpstart my weight loss?

Try another Dr. Kellyann plan such as the 10-Day Belly Slimdown or the Cleanse and Reset. You can learn more about all Dr. Kellyann’s plans here.

If I don’t see results and want to return the bone broth what do I do?
We offer an unprecedented 60-day money back guarantee return policy no questions asked. If you would like to return your product check out our full return policy and procedure here.