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Sriracha Chicken Bone Broth

Support your gut lining and digestive tract with this slow-simmered cup of deliciousness - with a spicy kick!

My new Sriracha Chicken recipe has all the same nutritious qualities as my original Homestyle Broth flavor — like 15g of protein per serving + hydrolyzed collagen to support your skin, bones, and joints + all those natural bone broth benefits that support your gut, boost your metabolism, and help you keep your hunger cravings under control. It has a distinct, delicious flavor profile that is spicy and slightly tangy thanks to the sriracha flavoring. Toss in your favorite protein and veggies for a delicious and savory soup. Enjoy!

Ingredients and Nutrition

How Does Chicken Bone Broth Support Your Health?

When animal bones and apple cider vinegar are slow-cooked for at least six hours, they release vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. This high nutrient content is what makes bone broth one of nature’s ancient superfoods.

These vitamins and minerals, like magnesium and calcium, are believed to help support bone, joint, hair, skin, and nail health. They may also help support a healthy metabolism and sleep quality. Meanwhile, gelatin and chondroitin sulfate in bone broth are thought to help strengthen cartilage and promote joint health by supporting hydration. Dr. Kellyann’’s Sriracha Chicken Bone Broth is a convenient way to prepare this delicious superfood, plus you get a spicy kick of delicious sriracha flavor!

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Live the Bone Broth Lifestyle

Sipping on two cups of bone broth a day along with following a Paleo-based diet is the foundation of my bestselling book Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet.

Ordering is super simple. See what consuming this ancient superfood can do for you.

Order 2 Boxes/14 packets for 2 cups of bone broth a day for one week.

Order 4 Boxes/28 packets for 2 cups of bone broth a day for two weeks.

Order 6 Boxes/42 packets for 2 cups of bone broth a day for three weeks.

30-Day Guarantee

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