Could the Sirtfood Diet work for you like it did for Adele?

Could the Sirtfood Diet work for you like it did for Adele?

Most of the world didn’t know what sirtfoods were until Adele posted photos of her transformation. Adele reportedly changed her diet to include more sirtfoods, foods that contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, cereals and even beverages like wine.

Experts believe sirtfoods may activate sirtuins, proteins that regulate the way our body processes fat and sugar. There’s about 20 sirtfoods that people are suggested to eat including arugula, garlic, kale, strawberries, walnuts, buckwheat, green tea, parsley celery, green apple, ginger, lemon and matcha to make green juice, another component to this regimen.

I like to think about the Sirtfood Diet is as a Mediterranean diet, but with calorie restriction. On the Sirtfood Diet, for the first couple days, you are limited to 1,000 calories. You eat a lot of healthy foods, but in smaller amounts. When it comes to protein, you can have red meat, poultry, eggs and fish are allowed when you have your Sirtfood meals.

Check out the video above for the results of our own 14-Day Sirtfood Challenge.

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