Dr. Oz and Dr. Kellyann discussing resolutions

How Likely Are You to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Dr. Kellyann on the Dr. Oz Show

Recognizing your potential to stick to your weight loss goals—plus potential road blocks—is so important when it comes to actually achieving lasting weight loss, and turning those New Years Resolutions into New Years REALITIES! You can get a full version of the quiz from the DoctorOz.com website, watch the clip below, and follow along at home.

And if you, like so many, have roadblocks to hitting resolutions, here are my tips for staying on track, staying focused, and hitting those goals!

  1. Begin with the WHY. Why is it that you want to lose weight in the first place?
  2. Write down the reasons why as affirmations. Steer them into your brain by hanging them up on your mirror and looking at them every single day.
  3. Make a plan that fits your life! Find the areas where you can make changes, and focus on those.
  4. Break your large goal into manageable milestones. Set your intentions in a way that fits your life and focus on the little wins.
Check out more resources on to help you meet your goals! Some of these are from years gone by, but you'll find evergreen nuggets of wisdom tucked in.