Dr. Kellyann sampling foods with Dr. Oz

Volunteers on the Dr. Oz Show Tried Bone Broth for 21 Days

Volunteers on the Dr. Oz Show tried bone broth for 21 days. What were the results? Watch to find out!   Most diets set you up to fail. They’re insanely restrictive and don’t let you enjoy delicious food. And quite frankly, what’s the point if there’s no pleasure? Which is why you end up dropping that diet like a hot potato. You’re certainly not to blame here. These diets simply aren’t sustainable for your busy lifestyle, and they only tempt you to binge more. Which is why I always tell my patients, the best diet is the one you don’t realize you’re on. That’s why I call my Bone Broth Diet a lifestyle change--because it’s flexible and full of the food you love to eat. (And plus, it works!) Take Samantha for example.

In my last segment of Dr. Oz, I had Samantha sip on bone broth for 21 days. Like most of my patients, Samantha hadn’t had bone broth before. At the first sip, she wasn’t quite in love. Then, after 21 days, she realized how comforting and FILLING it is. She ate 370 less calories in those 21 days without even knowing it: “It didn’t feel like I was eating less!” Now, imagine how much weight she could lose if she started the Bone Broth Diet. I bet those pounds would melt away!

If that sounds phenomenal to you, I have great news. You might already be familiar with bone broth, and how long it takes to make (at least 24 hours in a slow cooker). It’s for good reason--the longer you cook your bone broth, the more gut-healing, wrinkle-fighting, inflammation-eliminating, fat-burning power it packs. Listen, I get it you’re busy. I am, too. I don’t want my hectic, jam-packed schedule to get in the way of my nutrition.

Which is why I created my Collagen Bone Broth To Go for women like you who are constantly on-the-go--who don’t want to sacrifice your health for your commitments. It’s a dry collagen powder pack that turns plain water into a hot cup of bone both with the delicious taste of onion, garlic, and savory spices. All you do is add hot water, and you’ve got yourself unbelievably nutritious liquid gold in just seconds. Or, you could let us do ALL the work for you. Get my fresh Bone Broth made from the finest organic ingredients (including grass fed organic chicken or beef bones), simmered for 24 hours and packed with deep nutrition. Simply drop a pack into a pot, heat it up, and enjoy. It’s so convenient--you can see how easy it is to stick to my Bone Broth Diet. And why it will feel like you’re not even on a diet at all, even though the pounds and wrinkles vanish. You will LOVE the taste and the results. There’s a reason I call it liquid gold!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!