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30 Day Reset: Lose Weight, Fight Aging & Heal Conditions


Dr. Kellyann discussing the 30 Day Reset on Fox 2

“Hey Doc, I want to drop a couple lb’s … what about a cleanse or something?”

As one of only two Americans enrolled in a nutrition class in Regent’s Park, London, England, a few years back, I found the experience to be fantastic because I learned how culture plays a big role in overall nutrition. 

On one  particular afternoon, my instructor was determined to make a  point that I may not have fully understood then but I sure get now. It took experience in practice and in my personal life as a mother to really  own this:

“The most important concept in nutrition is simply this: Put Real Foods First. That’s it. If you want to feel — and look — your best, it starts with food.

My teacher (an exceedingly bright man) asserted, “In my country (I believe he was from Russia), we cannot afford all of the bells and whistles and bottles of this and that to heal. We cure with food … just food, and we know this works.”  

Fast Forward to My 30-Day Reset Program: I began working with real foods to cleanse the body. Not the kind of cleanses that you are probably thinking of – or like you may have tried before. No pills, powders or special elixirs, and certainly no endless smoothies, juices or weird foods. Simply, it’s all about foods that work best with our body and the way it’s designed. There are definitely foods that our bodies metabolize and digest better than others.

When patients eat these types of foods, in various meal plans and portions (click here to find out how to download my programs, complete with recipes, meal plans and more), for 30 days, the results are nothing short of profound. I call it “The 30-Day Reset.”

“Where there is weight, there is waste. Where there is deficiency, there is disease”

Toxins Out, Nutrients In: My goal with cleansing is simple: to get toxins out of the cells, and nutrition in, to recalibrate the body to “reset” at a higher level.  It’s like hitting an internal compost button. When your body isn’t working hard to deal with what it doesn't need, it focuses more on getting what you do need. Your body becomes satiated because it's so filled with nutrition. Those on the plan don’t don't miss a thing.  No more climbing the walls feeling hungry or doing without.

Reducing Inflammation: One of the goals of cellular cleansing with the 30-Day Reset is to get the inflammation out of your body. Almost every modern- day disease stems from inflammation, including heart disease, cancer, auto-immune issues (including diabetes) and more.

Healing the Gut: If you’ve tried other diets and don’t see the results you want or see results but they don’t last, it’s likely because that particular diet hasn’t allowed you to heal your gut. I’m not about Band-Aids when it comes to dieting; I’m about changing your lifestyle for lifelong results in not only how you feel, but how you look. When a patient heals their gut, they not only lose weight, they heal conditions, balance blood-sugar levels, become a natural fat burner, look younger, enhance their complexion, brighten their eyes, gain energy, the list goes on.

Success Stories: I was recently a guest on Toxic-Free Radio, once to talk about the 30-Day and the next time, to check in with the host (Debra Lynn Dadd) because she decided to give the 30-Day a whirl.  Here’s what I discovered and shared with listeners: Debra lost several pounds. And as a diabetic, she was able to reduce her insulin by one-third! You can listen to her results here.

It has become pretty clear to me over the past couple decades that those who wish to cleanse or lose weight expect to “take something” to get something…

Patient: “Doc, I really think I need a cleanse.”

Me: “I agree; let’s get you started. I’m going to ask you to eat nothing with a bar code for 30 days.”

Patient: “Okay, what do I take?”

Me: “You don’t need to take anything. Let’s just start by having you eat nothing with a bar code for 30 days.”

Patient: “Okay, but don’t I need something to cleanse me?”

Me: “The foods will cleanse you.”

Patient: “Oh, good. So what supplements do I need to buy to get started?”

Me: “Nothing. You’re good to go. We’ll go over your food plan and what to expect for the next 30 days, and you’ll be set.”

Patient: “Okay, but what do I take to actually cleanse?”

Me: [sigh]

Powerful Results: Here’s the deal; if you want to lose weight and become a natural fat burner, look younger, become stronger, reverse a chronic health condition, perform better and re-energize for good, there really is only one path. You need to create healthy cells, and the fluid surrounding your cells has to be healthy. Then and only then does the magic happen for you in a way it may never have before. You can create this with the right foods!

Your Fish Tank: The fluid around your cells is your internal milieu, and this fluid must be healthy for you to be healthy. Think of your body as a fish tank. The water in your tank is your internal milieu. When you eat the right foods, you nourish this milieu; when you eat poorly, you clog and acidify this system, and your cells become like sludge, and you look and feel toxic — like fish trying to survive in a dirty tank. Cleansing with the right foods helps clean out your fish tank and gives you a clean, fresh start. 

Do you want your cells flowing like a river, or a swamp? 

The Reset Foods: The foods to eat during my plans are simple, balanced and the best quality your budget can afford. You focus on the foods that work best with your body and what your body craves to be lean, strong and healthy.

Recalibrate, Regenerate, Reset. Are you ready to give your cells time to regenerate, create positive habits and quiet the cravings?  Once you jump on my plans, WOW does the magic happen, naturally!


Click here to meet some of the other 30-Day Reset folks and hear about what they’ve discovered after embarking on their journey. These stories are awe-inspiring. Everything from weight loss to combating annoying arthritis and devastating intestinal issues is possible, and it’s all from putting real foods first!   Check out my programs here!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann