30-Day Reset  Presentation Draws a Big Crowd

30-Day Reset Presentation Draws a Big Crowd


I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to Michigan to host an evening seminar on launching the 30-Day Reset.

After I was featured on Fox-2 News  on Thursday morning, the calls came in … “Sign me up! Sign me up!” So many metro Detroiters called to reserve a spot at the 30-Day Launch/New Year, New You program, held at the beautiful Community House in Birmingham, MI. I partnered with the great folks at Birmingham Wellness Center

No less than 250 people reserved a spot for the complimentary program — we sold out! Of course not all showed, but we had a fantastic turnout that included people of all ages — and sizes. Both men and women were interested in hearing more about a healthy way to lose weight, to look and feel great! Some arrived solo, some with their spouses, some with pals and girlfriends … and all shared the common goal of wanting to reinvent themselves.

I revealed stories about former patient Drew, who lost more than 100 pounds and literally saved his life on the Paleo program. I talked about a little 2-year-old who tragically died due to issues that may have likely been caused by all the dairy she was consuming. I talked about chronic diseases, intestinal disorders, heart issues, Psoriasis , lethargy and all those things that can be improved and alleviated by embarking on one of My Plans.

Boy did women relate when I shared tales about how we all feel when we meet or are around that one person who just sparkles and beams! (Who’s this mom who always glows even during car-pool pick-ups??? Well, I gotta tell you … she’s likely following a healthy, Put Real Foods First diet.)

I couldn’t believe all the heads nodding in the audience. It’s as if I turned on a switch for the attendees (sort of like turning on that natural fat-burning switch when everything becomes magical and the transformation begins!). Folks were beaming.

I’m excited that this contingency of  interested Michigan residents is ready to launch and I can’t wait to follow their successes. 

The Birmingham Wellness Center will be tracking and supporting some 40 individuals as they head into the land of delicious, healthy cooking; a Paleo-pleasing  pantry; sharp decision-making; and a more contemplative lifestyle for a month or so. Oh, and that’s the land of loose-fitting clothes, too… yes!

Besides losing weight, we talked about other areas of your life that improve on the my plans. Again, the nodding of the heads on who’s in need of what. As the program de-toxified and de-acidifies your body with whole, natural, un-processed foods, participants also will notice that the Paleo lifestyle:

  • Balances blood sugar
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Quells food intolerance
  • Improves sleep Patterns
  • Balances energy

Encourages your body to burn fat naturally (that fat-burner switch goes on, naturally, and works even while you’re sitting at your desk!)

Crushes sugar cravings and improves habits

After the presentation, folks lined up to receive a signed copy of my Living Paleo for Dummies (Wiley) book. They asked questions about their own challenges and can they go on the diet if they’re vegetarian, if they have cancer, if they have heart disease, etc. And the answers were: “Yes, yes, and yes!”

That’s all addressed in the my plans launch packet and is also part of the Frequently Asked Questions area. They also asked about ages. Guess what? Eating well is a good plan for EVERYONE. 

Thankfully, we arranged to have a videographer at the presentation, as I knew this would be a great program. Professionally edited and designed, it truly is a must-read, and, of course, a must-do!

Click here to learn more about my programs, which includes a background on why this lifestyle works, everyday tips, how to clean and restock your pantry, troubleshooter tricks-of-the-trade, support, common questions and answers, delicious recipes (you’ll master this healthy way of cooking in no time flat, promise, and de-mystify everything from healthy cooking oils to best meat cuts!), and more!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

P.S. Watch for an upcoming webinar on the 30 Day Reset