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Can You Drink Coffee While Detoxing Or Cleansing?

Let’s be honest. Some of us are die-hard coffee fanatics. We can’t even think about starting our day without a cup of joe, let alone function without it. Are you a leave-me-alone-until-I’ve-had-my-coffee lover like I am? If so, you’re going to be pretty excited about trying my five-day cleanse. 

The Coffee and Cleanse Myth

We often hear how restricting cleanses are, which, quite frankly, limits the success of a cleanse from the get-go. Most people are left feeling hungry, and fighting off the cravings deters them from seeing a cleanse through to the end. But not anymore. My cleanse and reset is designed to be gentle and satisfying. You’ll be amazed by the boost of energy and lack of cravings, with the fabulous bonus of unlimited coffee!

Did I just say unlimited? Let’s debunk the coffee and cleanse myth right now. It’s a common misconception that coffee will rob you of your body’s water. Cleanses have banned you from drinking coffee while you’re working to cleanse and reset your systems, but the big no-no turns out to be an asset during a cleanse after all. Hydration levels are not affected by consuming coffee. You can even check off your water intake boxes for the amount of coffee you drink each day.

The Benefits of Coffee

Contrary to what many have been led to believe, coffee offers other health benefits aside from the hydration. Did you know that you can lower the risk of diabetes by drinking three to four cups of coffee daily? It just might help guard you against dementia and add years to your life. Through research, drinking a daily cup of coffee was found to lower one’s risk of death by 12%, while an average of two to three cups bumps this number up to 18%! And that’s not all it has to offer. Drinking coffee helps improve your physical performance and increases the burn of more calories after a workout. My five-day cleanse will provide you with clean protein, giving you the energy and stamina to continue exercising during your cleanse days. Getting the green light to pair one of your favorite beverages with your cleanse just makes it even more attractive, right? Take a peek at a few more wins supporting caffeinated coffee’s ergogenic effect:

  • Increased endurance
  • Reduction in exertion
  • Reduction in pain
  • Roughly 15% increase in burned calories when consumed before workouts

The Rules of Sweeteners

If you choose to do my one-day "Keto-Push" before starting the five-day cleanse, you may experience a bit of the carb flu. A couple of cups of coffee is ok, but make sure you don't use any artificial sweeteners or cream for a full twenty-four hours. Your body will kick into high gear fat-burn mode if you trust me on this. When you begin day one of my five-day cleanse, you’re welcome to start enjoying unlimited cups of coffee, with a few little “rules” to keep in mind. Instead of your regular coffee sweeteners, you may use stevia or monk fruit during this time. You’ll need to forfeit your cream and creamers, but you’ve got this! 

Ready to get started on your five-day path to health? Find out how you can grab all the tools and step-by-step guidance you’ll need for a safe and successful cleanse and reset today!

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