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Craving Constant in a Time of Uncertainty

At this time of unprecedented uncertainty, I feel it is appropriate to reach out to each of you with some thoughts and, suggestions on how to navigate through these next few weeks or months.

Consider finding at least one constant in your world. Is it a family member, your spouse, a child, a pet? Is it an activity—meditation, yoga, board games with your kids? Is it your business, or taking the time to journal, write, or read a blog or a book—or is it a combination of several of those things?

The most important thing you can do right now for yourself and your health is to maintain a sense of calm. I realized today that I was experiencing a complete bombardment of my nervous system. All of a sudden, I had all of these moving pieces in my life as the world began to change—and I thought, “What do I do?” Rather than go outside to help reduce my stress, I realized I needed to reflect internally to gain calm. In a quiet moment that I was able to take today, I realized I was craving a moment or a sense of constant.

Maybe you can find several sources of constant in your world. I know I did once I took some time to look around. You may find some complete surprises, you may have an “aha” moment, or you may realize your constant was right under your nose all along.

Tonight I saw my boys—who have been cooped up now for several days—no longer vying for their screens but playing together creatively in a way that I haven’t seen for a long time. What I realized at that moment was that despite what was going on in the outside world,  in their inner world, their stress was lifting. They were able to begin to pull away from the pressures of school, homework, and activities to find their creative side again. It was such a wonderful sight.  

Can you rely on a hug from your spouse, significant other, or family member? I distancing… so how far you go is a personal decision. But we need to be touched, we all do.  Do you have someone in your life who can give you that extra feeling of connection and stability that we are all craving right now? If you do, ask for what you need. If you can’t ask, can you show them what you need by providing it for them as a reflection?  We all need to be touched, so consider if this simple act can be a constant for you.

Do you have a pet? I have three dogs. Their constant is us—their family—and ours is their unconditional love and devotion. If you have the means and the room in your life, consider helping a pet, because they are in need right now, too. What a difference it can make for you and for them. They will be there for you, full of unconditional love. They don’t care about your bank account, your social status, or your job. They just want to be your best friend, and of course, they want and need food, shelter, safety, and love.

Can you help an elderly neighbor or loved one? They are our most vulnerable right now. Studies show that contributing and giving of yourself reduces your anxiety and boosts your sense of safety and community. Look around you and see what you can do to make a difference or keep someone at home who shouldn’t be going out to the stores but should be safe and in their home.

Find a project you have been wanting to start and do it!  

Can we take this time of uncertainty and funnel it into something positive? Find our constant or our true north? I urge you to take a quiet moment and reflect. We don’t often get this time. Do what my boys did—find yourself again. 

When I mentioned the way I was feeling with my team, they all related. Helping others is one of our missions and our community is in great need right now. Today we are donating close to 3000 meals to Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan. Grace Centers of Hope was established in 1942. Grace Centers of Hope (GCH) provides help and hope to those in need. They offer life skills programs for individuals who are seeking shelter and healing. Shelters across America are in need of toiletries, food, and books. We are trying to help in any way we can.

two women holding boxes of bone broth to donate to a local shelter
The team here at Dr. Kellyann would be honored to be even a small source of constant for you over the next few months and beyond. If there is anything we can do to be of support to you, please reach out to us anytime at

Sending you my best,

Dr. Jennifer Bonde
CEO, Best of Organic and

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