Dream Big!

Dream Big!

I’m a sucker for movies with happy endings. And I’m an even bigger sucker for these movies when they’re based on real-life stories. Why? Because movies like Cool Running and The Miracle Worker show us that people who say a goal is impossible are often wrong—no matter how unreachable that goal might seem.

Few people believed that a Jamaican bobsled team could reach the Olympics, and even fewer ever imagined that young Helen Keller would later become a world-famous author who inspired millions. But it happened… because they themselves believed, and so did the most important people in their lives. What’s my point? Dream big. Don’t write off your goals as impossible and settle for being a bit player in life. Instead, create an epic agenda—and surround yourself with people who are willing to help you achieve it. Here’s how to make your dreams a reality.

1. Picture yourself as the hero in your own movie. How does your movie end? My own mental movie involved me successfully helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world to lose weight and become younger, happier, and healthier. It was an ambitious goal, and I can’t tell you how many people told me it was too ambitious, but you know what? I envisioned it… and I did it! And you can make big dreams come true, just like I did—so when you script your movie, picture a grand finale.

2. Identify all of the reasons why you’re saying “no” to your happy ending. For instance, are you telling yourself, “I’m not good enough to pull this off?” Reframe each negative thought in a positive way—for example, by saying, “Everything I need to accomplish this goal is within me now.”

3. Find backers. Every successful venture starts with a team of supporters, and so does your path to success. Make a list of the people who can help you reach your goal, whether it’s by offering moral support, chipping in financially, or contributing their talents to your effort. (And be sure to do the same for them in return.)

4. Get started. Once you have your life script firmly in mind, it’s time to say, “Action.” Write down everything you’ll need to do in order to realize your dream. Then take the first step… and the next, and the next.

5. Don’t be scared of out-takes. Movie makers leave a lot of scenes on the cutting-room floor, and that’s how it will be with the story of your life as well. You’ll have missteps, bad days, and flops. Learn to think of these as out-takes, pick yourself up, say “Next,” and keep pursuing your goal.

Most important of all, promise me this: If you know in your heart that your dream is possible, listen to your inner voice—not to the naysayers. Believe that you too can do what Helen Keller, the Jamaican bobsled team, and millions and millions of other big dreamers have done: Become the star of your own epic adventure!

Keep Thinking Big & Living Bold!

Dr Kellyann