Drinking Lemon Water: Myth or Must?

Drinking Lemon Water: Myth or Must?

I’m sure you've heard many claims over the years of the benefits of drinking lemon water, but how accurate are they? Is there any truth to lemon water being more beneficial in the morning?  Will it really help you get beautiful, radiant skin? Does adding lemon have the ability to change the pH balance in your body? With so many claims out there, it can be a little frustrating trying to separate myth from truth. Let’s take a look at some of those lemon water claims and figure out what health benefits it may be able to provide you.

Most of us are very aware of the necessity of water and the amazing benefits it provides us, including: 

  • Keeps your body hydrated
  • Helps flush out impurities
  • Keeps your skin healthy
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports kidney health

But let’s take a deeper look at the possible health benefits of adding lemons and drinking lemon water daily. Did you know lemons have a long list of healthy nutrients you may not be aware of? Not only are they low in sugar, but you'll also find nutritional value, including:

  • Riboflavin
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron

Lemons contain fiber and plant compounds; credited with helping to reduce blood cholesterol. Vitamin C also serves various health benefits and can be found in lemons.

Lemon Water Benefits

Lemon Water Boosts Your Immune System

Lemons are a good source of vitamin C; known for boosting your immune system by helping your body produce more white blood cells. White blood cells keep you healthier by fighting off viruses and bacteria; perfect for warding off colds and the flu. But now we need to ask: Am I getting a large enough dose of vitamin C by drinking lemon water?

The National Institutes of Health states the average woman needs approximately 75 mg of vitamin C daily. The juice of one lemon will provide approximately 31 mg of vitamin C. So by cutting up just one lemon a day and squeezing it into the water you drink throughout the day you’ll be well on your way to the recommended 75 milligrams a day!

Drinking Lemon Water Helps Balance Your Body’s pH Levels

It’s been said that although lemons are acidic, they can help with the pH balance of your body after they’ve been metabolized fully. This is attributed to its alkalizing effects and has even been credited with helping treat inflammation throughout the body. Some patients with arthritis, gout, and sciatica have said they’ve found relief from adding lemon water to their diet. But can it really have this much power over the pH balance in your body? I hate to tell you that this is yet another dietary misconception. The foods you eat just don’t have the ability to change your pH balance. But don’t get me wrong; water is always a healthy and powerful choice and should be a huge part of your daily routine.

Lemon Water Promotes Healthy Skin

Water will always be beneficial for healthy, glowing skin. And now we’re hearing that adding lemons has the fabulous effects of youthful-looking skin, fewer wrinkles, and banished blemishes? It’s true that vitamin C provides astounding skin benefits. Your skin will have fewer fine lines and put up a strong fight against acne. It will have a brighter, healthier tone and reduced dryness. Add to it the amazing benefits of collagen and your skin will have a youthful glow. While there are no studies with concrete evidence to support the claim that lemons in your water are a must to achieve these results, water is still your skin’s BFF and is a must with or without the lemon!

Lemon Water Makes a Great Diuretic

They say sipping on warm lemon water throughout the day will help purify your body. Supposedly, starting your day off with a glass helps get your system moving. While you sleep, your body is losing water; making water in the morning a great way to start your day. Flushing toxins regularly with water alone helps your body stay healthy. Adding lemon to your water may help promote some healthy digestion, but there just isn’t enough proof to support the lemon claim. While it certainly can’t hurt, chances are, all the credit should still be going to your daily water intake and not the lemons added into your water.

Get Rid of Kidney Stones by Drinking Lemon Water

It’s true - lemon water can help reduce the risk of kidney stones. Already have a few stones lurking around?  Lemons can help boost your urine’s citrate levels, leading to the breakdown of certain stones. Citric acid causes an increase in your urine pH and creates a not-so-friendly environment for stones. If you haven’t experienced a stone, consider yourself fortunate and drink up that lemon juice!

Drinking Lemon Water Helps You Lose Weight

While water, in general, is fantastic for your overall health, as well as helping you meet weight loss goals, adding lemon to your water may also provide weight loss benefits. A study noted warm lemon water in the morning helped in the suppression of body fat, as well as a reduction in weight gain in their subjects. Morning lemon water was credited with quicker weight loss results. You’re also filling your stomach with an extremely low-calorie, low-sugar beverage that will keep you hydrated, cleansed, and feeling fuller.

Lemon Water Improves Your Digestive System

Have you been hearing that lemon water helps with your digestive system by providing relief from:

  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Indigestion

Normal daily water intake helps flush out impurities. Some studies suggest that a glass of warm lemon water as soon as you wake up can help get your digestive system going for the day. There is some truth to this. If you add the pulp of lemons to your water, you can improve your gut’s health. Pectin, the main fiber found in lemon pulp, helps slow sugar and starch digestion and may lower your blood sugar levels as well.

Lemon Water During a Keto Diet

If you’ve chosen a keto lifestyle, you’ve probably heard mixed reviews on the effects of lemon. Will lemon water interfere with ketosis? Does it improve detox effects while on the keto diet? What do you really need to know?

Keto is a low-carb lifestyle, so hydrating your body is a must! Yes, it’s always a necessity, but with the keto diet, your limited carb intake is what releases excess sodium and water from your body. While we want excess water retention gone we still need to stay hydrated. Adding lemon may give you extra nutrients along with a refreshing way to stay hydrated on keto.

Will Lemon Water Prevent Ketosis?

If you’re worried about the fructose levels booting you out of ketosis, there’s no need. Lemons only have about two grams of carbs per ounce, so your keto efforts aren’t at risk. In fact, a little lemon water cleanse can be good for your keto plan if you stay away from pasteurized lemons. These have added sugar and have been stripped of their vitamin C benefits.

So, there you have it! A closer look into the myths and musts of drinking lemon water.

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!