Four Super Berries You Should Be Eating

Four Super Berries You Should Be Eating

Super Berries. You’ve heard of them. Chances are you've eaten plenty of them, even if it wasn’t for intentional health benefits. So, what makes them so super anyway? Sure, they’re full of vitamins and nutrients to help you live a healthy lifestyle. But why have some earned the title of super berries?

What are the benefits of eating berries?

Berries with extremely high levels of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and a fantastic list of potential health benefits are known as super berries. They offer benefits necessary to cleanse your system and even pair well with the Keto lifestyle. These berries are linked to helping:

  • Reduce inflammation throughout your body
  • Cleanse your system
  • Protect against various illnesses
  • Improve your blood sugar

What berries to eat on the keto diet?

The great news is the Keto lifestyle encourages super berries. While there are fruits that are off-limits with Keto, due to their high net carb and sugar content, super berries make the cut. Keep in mind; they do still contain their fair share of sugar and net carbs. Amounts can range from roughly six to seventeen grams per cup so you’ll want to monitor your portions.

Eat blueberries while on the keto diet.

Full of vitamin K, blueberries are always a winning choice. One cup of these little guys will provide you with vitamin C, manganese, and fiber. They also contain anthocyanins; the antioxidant that reduces your risk of heart disease.

What are the benefits of eating blueberries?

  • Improve artery function
  • Reduce heart attack risk
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol
  • Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • May improve brain health

While on the keto diet, eat raspberries!

Raspberries can help you feel full, thanks to the spike in leptin they provide. They have also been linked to:

  • Reducing the size of polyps; abnormal cells in the colon which can later lead to cancer
  • Improved heart health
  • A reduction in oxidative stress

Strawberries are perfect for the keto diet.

An excellent vitamin C source, strawberries make the Keto cut, can drastically improve heart health, and lower your risk for diabetes. It shares many of the similar benefits other super berries offer, so keep these anti-inflammatory fruits on hand!

Cranberries for the keto diet.

If you’re looking for a bit of a sour kick to mix up your super berry menu, cranberries are it! As I’m sure you’ve heard, they are powerful UTI reducers. Cranberries fight against E. coli, which cause urinary and bladder infections. Drinking cranberry juice or taking supplements are also beneficial forms of the berry, as long as you watch the sugar content. 

Eat tasty treats with super berries on the keto diet.

Blackberry and Blueberry Bone Broth Popsicles are one of my favorite go-to treats for helping to cleanse my system. While you can certainly substitute your berries, it’s a snack that provides a wealth of benefits for your skin and body. You know I’m a huge fan of bone broth and the good it does! So imagine pairing it with the deliciousness of super berries!

If you aren't already getting your daily dose of these healthy berries, there's no better time than the present to start. If you already have a few of these in your fridge, head over to my recipe section and whip up something yummy!

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