A woman measuring her thighs with a tape measure

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Have you heard the myth that you can’t get rid of cellulite? Well, it’s just that: a myth! The truth is that cellulite is just fat—and with a little work, you can banish it from your life. Here’s the deal. As you age, you lose firm muscle mass and replace it with fat. That soft, squishy fat bulges out, giving you those cottage-cheese thighs. In addition, your skin loses collagen as you get older, so it can’t rein in your fat as tightly as it once did. Here are three simple secrets for getting rid of that ugly cellulite: lose your extra fat, strengthen your skin, and build firm muscle.

The first step toward conquering your cellulite is to lose your extra pounds on my Bone Broth Diet. As you take off that weight, you’ll reduce the stores of fat on your butt and thighs.

The second step is to strengthen your skin—and here again, my diet can do the trick. Intermittent fasting with bone broth will load you with the building blocks of collagen, rejuvenating your skin so it can keep your fat under better control.

The third step in your cellulite-blasting plan is to build lean muscle—and you can do this with targeted exercises. Here are five powerful and simple exercises that will firm your butt and thighs.

LUNGES Lunges work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. To do a lunge, start with your feet together. Step forward with one leg and lower yourself until both of your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Be sure your front knee is above your ankle and doesn’t move ahead of your toes at any time. Return to your starting position, and repeat with the opposite leg.

PELVIC CURLS This exercise hits your glutes and inner thighs. To do it, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet touching the floor. Slowly raise your lower back and pelvis and hold, squeezing your butt and inner thighs. Lower yourself to your starting position, and repeat. For an even bigger cellulite burn, squeeze a pillow or exercise ball between your thighs as you do this exercise—or do a one-legged lift, holding the other leg straight up in the air.

PONY KICKS This exercise gives the backs of your thighs a serious workout. To do it, start on your elbows and knees. Keeping your back straight, raise one thigh as high as you can, keeping your knee bent and pointing your heel up. Hold for five seconds. Keep lowering and raising your thigh until you get a good burn, then repeat on the other side.

CIRCLE TIME Your outer thighs will love this exercise. To start, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Balance on one leg, and lift the other leg behind you, pointing your toes. (Use a chair for balance if you need to.) Be sure not to arch your back. Draw clockwise and counter-clockwise circles with your toes until you really feel the burn. Repeat on the other side.

SQUATS This classic exercise is one of the best all-around cellulite crushers. When you do a squat, sit back on your heels, keep your back straight, and don’t let your knees move ahead of your toes. The best way to keep good form is to pretend that you’re sitting back into a chair.

When you tackle cellulite with my triple-punch of exercise, diet, and bone broth, I’m confident that you’ll start seeing a difference within weeks. Keep it up, and you’ll see a much bigger difference after several months—and by next swimsuit season, you won’t believe how amazing you look. So take heart: That cellulite is a temporary problem, not a life sentence!

Keep thinking BIG and living BOLD!