How to Talk to Family at Holidays (If You Must)

How to Talk to Family at Holidays (If You Must)

Through the years we all will be together…

Family get-togethers at the holiday season can be loads of fun… but there are always a few relatives who’ll do their best to drive you nuts. Here’s my advice for making sure these annoying people don’t put a crimp in your festivities.

Does that line warm your heart or strike fear in it?

If you’re like most people, maybe a little of both.

On one hand, there’s grandma, who seems to adore you no matter what you do. Can’t wait to see her!

On the other hand, there’s that brother who just doesn’t get you and always sounds so judgmental. Hope I don’t have to sit next to him!

We all have our own versions of these scenarios.

That’s the person you only talk to if you must!

And sometimes when you see that person approaching, the best you can do is silently say to yourself, “I’m so grateful that this holiday only happens once a year!”

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Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann