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How to Become a Fat Burner & Lost Body Fat

In an earlier post, I talked about sugar burners and fat burners—and I told you why becoming a fat burner can melt off your belly fat and even save your life. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap: If you eat a high-carb diet, you’re loading your body with sugar (or with other carbs that your body turns into sugar).

As a result, your blood sugar is on a constant roller-coaster ride: soaring after a meal, then plummeting two hours later. This is why you need to eat every few hours, or you get weak and shaky. And worse yet, those constant blood sugar spikes put you at risk for obesity and diabetes. Now, let’s talk about what happens if you eat a diet low in carbs. In this case, your body primarily burns fat for fuel. Your blood sugar stays low and stable, and you can happily go for hours without eating. Better yet, you melt off any extra pounds easily, and you’re at reduced risk for diabetes.

Clearly, being a fat burner is way better than being a sugar burner. It’s a no-brainer.

So… how do you make the switch?

By now, you may be asking: “How do I flip my switch from sugar-burning to fat-burning?” And the answer is simple: MINIMIZE YOUR CARBS. I’m a weight-loss specialist, and the first thing I tell my patients is to cut grains and sugar out of their diets. I also ask them to limit starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and beets (although these are fine in small doses) and to eat only small amounts of fruit.

Instead, I tell them to eat lots of high-quality proteins, non-starchy veggies, and healthy fats like coconut and avocado oil. And you know what happens? People who’ve battled their weight for years suddenly start dropping pounds like crazy—and before they know it, they’re at their goal. That’s because they’ve turned off the sugar tap, and their bodies are now burning fat. It’s that simple.

So here are the simple steps to becoming a fat-burning machine:

  • CUT OUT Grains
  • CUT OUT Sugar
  • LIMIT starchy vegetables (like sweet potatoes and beets)
  • Eat only SMALL amounts of fruit
  • Eat LOTS of high-quality proteins
  • Eat LOTS of non-starchy vegetables
  • EAT healthy fats

Well, to be totally accurate, it’s almost that simple. There are two possible “speed bumps” when you’re transitioning from sugar-burning to fat-burning—so let’s talk about both of them.

#1: The Carb Flu

The carb flu typically rears its head toward the end of the first week of your diet, and it’s not fun. For just a few days, you may feel “tired, cranky, wired, and weird.” If so, realize that this is a good sign! It means that your body is learning how to burn fat instead of sugar.  Once it gets the hang of it, you’ll feel amazing. You’ll have more energy than ever, you’ll drop pounds fast (especially around your belly), and you’ll look like a million bucks. In the meantime, if the carb flu is getting you down, simply eat a few olives (rinse off the salt), a small piece of avocado, or a handful of unsweetened coconut chips. You’ll feel better fast.

#2: The Sugar Demon

If you’ve been eating lots of carbs—even so-called “healthy” ones, like grains—then you’re likely to crave sugar when you first give it up. My advice? If a craving strikes, drink a cup of bone broth or reach for a protein snack. And remember that cravings only last an average of three minutes, so take a walk or play a game on your phone. Odds are, by the time you get done, your craving will be gone. While it may be tough to resist those sugar cravings at first, here’s some really good news: 

Once you break the sugar habit, you’ll be free forever. I think you’ll be amazed at how those doughnuts or candy bars you once craved will seem cloying and fake—and how fantastic healthy food will taste by comparison. — That’s all there is to it: If you can tough it out for three to seven days of the carb flu, and stand strong in the face of the Sugar Demon, you can become a fat burner in just a few weeks. You’ll break your sugar addiction, lose that extra weight, have tons more energy, and look and feel fabulous. And that’s a spectacular way to start the New Year!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!