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Should You Exercise While Detoxing or Cleansing?

All too often, the fantastic benefits of cleanses get lost in the association it shares with hunger, fatigue, and cravings. But what if there was a five-day cleanse that could flush, heal, and restore your body and mind? Would that spark your interest? After my own health scare, I found a way to cleanse and reset while feeling completely satisfied and energized. And yes, it’s even safe to exercise during my cleanse because you’ll have the strength and motivation to support your physical activity.

Exercise Can Support Your Cleansing Efforts

Exercising during a cleanse is much easier to consider when you aren't suffering through hunger pains and low energy levels. It can even support your cleanse and reset efforts by giving your metabolism a boost. Working out triggers the release of additional toxins through your blood circulation and sweat. Combining exercise with your cleanse even stimulates your digestive system, the main focus of any healthy cleanse. 


There are a few modifications you'll want to make to avoid injury or exhaustion.


Keep in mind that your five-day cleanse is a limited, restricted version of your typical daily diet. Your body won’t be able to utilize all that extra food you've been drawing additional energy from. With higher-intensity workouts and interval training, your body draws most of its juice from blood glucose. Carbs and sugars will no longer be your body's primary source of energy during your five-day cleanse. For this reason, you’ll want to dial down your workout intensity level while you focus on your cleanse and reset goals.

Length of Workout

Although my five-day cleanse includes clean protein, most cleanses restrict it. Either way, be mindful that you are working off a limited diet, limiting your stored energy and ability to follow your regular workout routines. Adjust the length of your workouts to ensure your lowered fiber intake and decreased or lack of protein does not jeopardize your safety while exercising.

Stick to Lower Impact Activities

Better safe than sorry, right? Don’t try to push yourself too hard during this timeframe. A power walk is an excellent way to get your physical activity in and won't exhaust you as quickly as your usual run. Lower impact activities won’t leave you feeling easily fatigued. Keep it light and simple, especially if your cleanse has restricted your protein intake.

Yoga Anyone?

If you don't already, try out yoga, barre, or Pilates classes. These low-impact workouts provide much-needed stretching, toning, and strengthening. All three are beneficial for both the mind and body. And who knows? You may find a new outlet you enjoy. 

Hydrate and Listen

Staying hydrated is always a must. Drink fluids throughout your workout and continue to listen to your body. If it’s sending you signals that it’s time to stop, don’t push it. Fatigue, headaches, and dizziness are all signs that it's time to end your session.

Staying active during your cleanse is healthy and beneficial if done with care. If you’re looking for a cleanse to reset, restore, and rejuvenate your health while providing enough energy to exercise, my five-day cleanse won’t disappoint. You'll have the tools and guidance necessary to ensure your body receives the vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and protein it needs for a safe and successful cleanse. Find out how to restore your health the right way!


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