Mario Lopez Talks Health with Dr. Kellyann

Mario Lopez Talks Health with Dr. Kellyann

Getting to Know Mario 

Most people know American actor Mario Lopez. He’s a star of TV, film, even the Broadway stage. He’s one of Hollywood's favorite entertainment news hosts on shows like Extra and Access Hollywood. He’s competed on Dancing with the Stars and co-hosted The X Factor with Khloé Kardashian. And if you’re from a certain generation like I am, you’ll remember him as the hunky heartthrob A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell back in the 1990s.

It’s hard to believe he’s been in the spotlight for over 30 years. I mean, he's still that good-looking guy with a muscular body and cute dimples we all remember from our youth. In fact, it looks like he's hardly aged a day. While I may admire this Hollywood hunk for his entertainment chops, I’ve recently discovered what truly makes Mario Lopez someone we should all admire. He’s a true family man, honest to a fault, and he has worked his tail off for everything he has achieved. 

Mario comes from a big Mexican family, and his wife comes from a big Italian family. It’s no wonder that family is so important to him. When he isn’t working on the set, you can find Mario enjoying his down-time at home with his three kids and beautiful wife. Mario's other life passion is working out. While he’s the first to admit that he got “really lucky” in the genetics department, he’ll also tell you that his father instilled a great work (and workout) ethic in him that he applies to staying fit — which includes training in jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling, and weight-lifting. 

After sitting down and speaking with Mario Lopez, there’s one thing I can tell you for sure: There isn’t much this good-looking guy can’t do.

Mario’s Silent Struggle

On the outside, it looks like Mario’s life couldn’t be any better. But I learned that, on the inside, Mario has been struggling with problems that he doesn’t share with anyone aside from his wife and doctor — and that would be his digestive issues.

“Bad belly” is what he calls it when his gut and digestive issues send him running to the bathroom. And with a job in front of the public like his, this can get very tricky. You can’t just take a bathroom break in front of a live audience, you know? But Mario was very honest with me about his problem, not to mention the added stress that being on TV created while trying to hide his stomach discomfort.  

Like most of us, Mario tried everything: doctors, specialists, all sorts of holistic options, strange food concoctions — but nothing worked. 

"I got to where I was talking to anyone who would listen. One day, I was working out with a friend of mine and I had to race to the bathroom. When I told him about my issues, he told me he used to have the same problem until he found out about bone broth…and how it helped fix his digestive issues.”

Mario was a bit skeptical at first. He had already tried medications, prescriptions, herbs, diet changes — and nothing worked. But after he sat down and researched the proven digestive benefits of bone broth, it gave him hope…

The Path to Wellness

When Mario and I first met, he warned me that he couldn’t give up eating what he wanted, when he wanted. He loved food too much. He loved cooking with his wife, and he loved sitting down with his family to eat dinner. Sound familiar? It sure does to me. But then I suggested he start his journey to better digestive health just by adding two cups of my Homestyle Bone Broth to his daily routine. That’s it! Not dieting, not cutting out foods, not eating more greens or taking nasty meds… just two cups of my bone broth each day.

And you know what? Those two cups of bone broth a day were all he needed to start getting the results he wanted. At our next checkup a couple weeks later, Mario told me that those panicked trips to the bathroom — which had plagued him most of his adult life — were happening less and less frequently. And that fuzzy feeling he had always had in his stomach had finally gone away!

You see, what Mario needed was major gut healing support. And since he loves to eat, I knew food was the best way to get him on the right track. I explained to Mario exactly what I’m going to explain to you now: Your gut is connected to every system in your body, including your immune system, your brain, your skin microbiome, everything. So, when you strengthen and seal the gut, everything starts working better. Your skin gets healthier, your joints get stronger. Your immune system starts firing on all cylinders. And the feel-good hormone serotonin, which is manufactured in the gut, starts cranking out more of those happy vibes. When your gut is healthy, you don’t just feel healthy — you actually become healthier. 

“I have never felt better,” Mario told me with a huge smile. “My stomach is settled. My digestion has improved. I was pleasantly surprised that your Homestyle Bone Broth worked the way it did. I thought I was going crazy at first, like there's no way adding this one thing to my routine could do so many things for my health…but it did. It absolutely did!”

I’m so glad my Homestyle Bone Broth is helping Mario overcome the digestive problems he’s faced most of his life. Not only is it a great source of glycine and other nutrients that promote better gut health, but it’s also packed with protein and grass-fed collagen to support your skin, bones, joints and more. And it’s super low in carbs, fat, calories, and sodium! You can’t beat that!

Just two cups a day is all you need to start seeing and feeling the results you want. So, what can my bone broth do for you?

Keep positive + stay healthy!

What Else Does Mario Do To Stay Healthy?

Aside from incorporating bone broth into his diet, Mario Lopez is a stalwart advocate of maintaining balanced body weight through consistent physical activity. One of his favorite ways to stay fit? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

This martial art is more than just a fitness regimen to Mario; it's an integral part of his lifestyle, blending discipline, strength, agility, and mental fortitude. The connection to his Latino heritage makes it all the more significant.

Moreover, Mario doesn't limit his workouts to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He enjoys a variety of activities, from vigorous spin class sessions to boxing, wrestling, and weight-lifting, demonstrating his holistic approach to fitness. This varied regimen allows Mario to maintain his '90s heartthrob physique, proving that he's just as fit now as he was during his "Saved by the Bell" sitcom days.

What Is Mario Up to Today?

In addition to his commitment to health and wellness, Mario Lopez remains a high-demand television host. His infectious charisma and energy are evident in his work, whether he's interviewing A-listers on "Access Hollywood" or discussing the latest entertainment news on "Extra."

But Mario's ventures extend beyond television. He now hosts a popular podcast, "On With Mario Lopez," where he chats with guests about everything from celebrity gossip to fitness tips, often offering insight into his own health journey. He also frequently collaborates with other industry influencers, such as Mark Wahlberg, in interviews and discussions on podcasts like "Pardon My Take."

Mario also embraces social media platforms, including TikTok, to connect with fans and share snippets of his daily life, workout routines, and even recipes, often featuring healthy foods and tips on maintaining a balanced diet. He regularly posts updates about his family, showing his deep dedication as a family man. His wife, Courtney Mazza, is often featured.

The Bottom Line

Mario Lopez's journey toward optimal health underscores the importance of making holistic wellness a top priority. From incorporating bone broth into his diet to support gut health to engaging in physical activities like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mario personifies the tenets of a balanced lifestyle.

His open dialogue about his personal struggles with digestive issues breaks down stigmas, demonstrating that even Hollywood's finest aren't immune to health problems. He exemplifies the value of seeking alternative medicine when traditional methods fall short.

From sitcom star and '90s heartthrob to esteemed television host and health advocate, Mario Lopez continues to captivate audiences with his talent, charm, and dedication to wellness. He stands as an inspiration to everyone, reminding us all of the value of health, hard work, and family.


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