Paleo Meal Plan: Is There an Easy Button and When Should You Use It? Renowned Athlete Dan Bailey Sheds Light.

Paleo Meal Plan: Is There an Easy Button and When Should You Use It? Renowned Athlete Dan Bailey Sheds Light.

Why did I decide to offer a Paleo food home delivery company — — when clearly a big part of my message is about getting our fannies back into the kitchen? Talk about a conundrum!

Well guess what? There is a time and a place for Paleo home delivery.

Consider my sponsor, Dan Bailey.  As one of the top 10 fittest athletes in the world competing at the last three CrossFit Games, Dan says, “Nutrition is the foundation of performance.” And, yes, he chooses Paleo home delivery from 

Dan travels a lot (he recently spent a month at CrossFit headquarters!), so good nutrition and high-performance fuel are important to him. With that, he needs a “food strategy” that works. And since he basically works out for a living, his fuel has to be there every time he needs it. If not, he’ll end up grabbing liquid nutrition and sub-par foods … not good!

But none of you are Dan Bailey, and if you are truly going to start living Paleo, there’s only one way — you must familiarize yourself with the kitchen. What’s so awesome about Paleo — and one of the reasons why it’s gotten so much traction — is that cooking Paleo is totally non-intimidating because it’s ridiculously simple.

Consider the procedure for one of my favorite simple, bona fide Paleo dishes:

  • Put some healthy oil in a pan
  • Brown some meat in that oil
  • Add a spice or two, if you want
  • Add veggies
  • Stir it up, cover and let it cook for about 10 minutes
  • Top it off with a delicate spice, if you wish

Voila! That is how I make many of my meals. Sometimes, I throw in some cubed sweet potatoes or top it with some spaghetti squash, if I feel like I need more.

Beyond looking — and feeling — great, benefits from a Paleo diet are numerous.

But obtaining those benefits means following a Paleo lifestyle must be relatively consistent. And that’s where a nice mix between cooking on your own and relying on a convenient source such as  can help many.

Consistent, healthy-food strategies truly are required to get the most out of life. It’s the start-up time that can be difficult. Many need that initial push. When our cells are sick — and literally starving to death — it’s hard to build any momentum. Inertia is a tough dragon to slay. Physics tell us “an object at rest will stay at rest unless it is set in motion by a disruptive force.” You’re the disruptive force when it comes to living Paleo. But getting to that first step isn’t easy.  (Thankfully, after you put a plan into motion, and get past that difficult first step and build momentum, everything becomes easier.) 

This is where prepared meals can really help. When you start eating organic, fresh, Paleo-approved proteins, vegetables and healthy fats from  You kick toxins out of your cells, add the nutrients in and you actually feel like and have the energy to step back into the kitchen.

Who Can Benefit From 

Folks always on-the-go  If you’re always on-the-go and there’s often nary a kitchen in sight, consider! Livingpaleofoods sponsor Dan Bailey, for example, is on-the-go for long stretches of time, thus livingpaleofoods for him is a lifesaver.

Those who need Plan B’s  Let’s say your cruising along well on the Paleo plan, cooking and preparing a lot of your own meals, when all of the sudden, you’ve got no energy or time to cook. Or maybe you haven’t set up your healthy-food strategy in its entirety yet. What to do? Have a livingpaleofoods product on hand for Plan B, and you’re good to go! It sure beats cracking open a crinkly package of something that’s not good for you and will destroy a lot of the good you’ve done thus far!

Mother’s who’ve recently given birth  Moms with new infants need to eat well, but chances are, unless they have friends and family delivering healthy meals, they’re eating a whole lot of take-out!

So yes, getting your fanny back in the kitchen is paramount to living Paleo, but if you need a little something to get your plan started, or have no energy or time to cook, or are caught in a bind, or simply want to give yourself a treat … may offer you a solution.