Six Ways to Make a Guy Feel Extra-Special on Father’s Day

Six Ways to Make a Guy Feel Extra-Special on Father’s Day

Right now, dads all over America are unwrapping Father’s Day presents—from toddlers’ finger-painted pictures to gift cards and golf clubs. (Not to mention thousands and thousands of “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs!)

But you know what will make any dad even happier than getting gifts on this special day? Giving him special treatment. Here are five ways to do it:

Share stories about him. Over the dinner table, have your kids tell their favorite stories about funny or heartwarming moments with their dad—or call your own dad and remind him of memorable moments the two of you shared.

Really listen to him. It’s easy to tune out your partner or your dad when he’s ranting about politics, complaining about work, or rattling on about sports. But this is his special day—so focus on what he’s saying, ask questions that show you’re listening, and at least pretend that you’re fascinated.

Ask him what he wants to do—or let him do nothing! It’s tempting to make big plans for a guy on Father’s Day—a movie date, dinner at a fancy restaurant—but why not ask the man of the day what he really wants to do? There’s a chance he’d be happier sleeping in, playing golf, or surfing the Net while you make a batch of chili for dinner. Whatever his preferences are, let him call the shots.

Bite your tongue.  Do your best not to criticize, make sarcastic remarks, or argue with your guy today—and make your kids follow the same rule.

Do his chores. Does the man in your life do the dishes, take out the trash, or weed the yard? Then volunteer to do these tasks for him today. Get the kids to tackle some chores, too.

Tell him you love him. I know, I know. Guys tend to act all embarrassed when you say “I love you.” But they need to hear it anyway—especially on their special day.

All of these “gifts” are free—and when it comes to brightening your special man’s day, they’re priceless. So say a big thank-you to your partner or dad by making this Father’s Day the best one of all!

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