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The Five-Day Cleanse and Reset Your Body Needs

When you’re battling fatigue you can’t seem to shake, digestive issues that seem to cause ongoing discomfort, and belly fat that just won’t budge, it may be time to listen to your body. Trust me. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a public health crash, wondering how in the world you got to that point. The truth is, we can all be blind to the signals our bodies are sending us at times. Even when we commit to a healthy lifestyle by eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly, we can still fall short. Let’s face it; we all hit busy spurts, and somewhere along the way, our health takes a back seat to the never-ending to-do lists and commitments we have. Sometimes we just need to be still for a moment and listen to what our body needs. And it may be as simple as a five-day reset every few months to repair and rejuvenate before we take off at full speed again.

What is a Five-Day Reset?

When my health failed a couple of years ago, I knew I needed to make some changes, and fast. I took a long, hard look at everything I knew about living a healthy lifestyle, the foods we choose, the toxins we are exposed to, and the pressures we put on ourselves. And then I realized I was so busy with work that I had stopped making sure to take care of ME. Does this sound like you? I’m betting most of you can relate. But now there’s a solution. No gimmicks. No strings attached. Just a safe, gentle, effective way to heal your body, cleanse your cells and revive your energy.

We can all use a handy reset button. Taking the time to use it can bring tremendous benefits. Cleanses are designed to be a temporary but effective adjustment in your regular diet. They offer your cells the chance to cleanse, repair, and rejuvenate. With my incredible five-day reset, you’ll flush harmful and cell-damaging toxins and waste from your digestive tract, triggering the restoration of your entire body, both inside and out. I call it the Five-Day Cleanse and Reset.

Replenishing What Your Body Needs to Thrive

Replenishing your body with all the essential nutrients it requires gives your body a safe, healthy jumpstart. The inflammation in your digestive tract will begin to diminish and will give your system a chance to heal. A safe cleanse should flood your body with the nourishment it’s been craving, including:

  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Collagen
  • Fiber
  • Amino acids
  • Clean protein

Who Does the Five-Day Reset Benefit?

The short answer is…. EVERYONE! Even if you are living your best life, there is always room for a cleanse. Need to lose a couple of stubborn pounds for a special event? Are you noticing fine lines or dry, dull skin? Or are you merely realizing you’re exposed to daily toxins you have little to no control over? Then this five-day cleanse and reset will benefit YOU.

Do me a favor. Take a minute to look over the following list and see if you can identify with any of these concerns:

  1. Do you find yourself bloated all too often?
  2. Do you suffer from any gastrointestinal problems, including constipation or diarrhea?
  3. Do you find yourself feeling tired all the time?
  4. How well are you sleeping? Do you feel you aren’t getting enough sleep or restful sleep?
  5. In the afternoon, do you ever feel exhausted? In need of a nap?
  6. Have you noticed a significant lack of energy?
  7. Are you gaining weight, mostly around your belly, or having trouble getting the weight off from this area in particular?
  8. Have you noticed a ten-pound weight gain or more over the last couple of years?
  9. Are you noticing signs of aging that are appearing rather quickly?
  10. Is your skin looking a bit blotchy or dull?
  11. Is psoriasis or eczema concerning you?
  12. Has your hair lost its shine or bounce?
  13. Are your fingernails dry and brittle?
  14. Do you tend to get sick easily and often?
  15. Are you experiencing any autoimmune issues?
  16. Do you enjoy life less than you used to?
  17. Do you feel anxious, depressed, or easily angered?
  18. Are you exposed to many toxins at work or home that you are aware of?
  19. Do you often drink unfiltered water?

How did you do? You’ll find the full thirty-question survey in my book, but I can tell you that if you’ve answered yes to more than three of these, it's time to take stock of your health and lifestyle. While your body does have its own cleansing systems in place, it’s not a miracle worker and still needs your help. What better way than a quick five-day reset?

What to Expect from the Five-Day Cleanse and Reset

My Five-Day Cleanse and Reset will provide you with all the tools you need to prepare and complete this cleanse. That’s no exaggeration either. I lay it all out for you:

  • Recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • What to expect from each of the five days
  • How to deal with bumps in the road
  • WHY you need the foods I list
  • HOW to make this a lifestyle change and not a quickie cleanse
  • How to modify the five-day reset to tailor it to your Paleo, Keto, or Vegan lifestyle

I’ll be there to support your health efforts throughout your cleanse and set you up for a successful lifestyle change.

The Big Deal

It is truly unlike any other cleanse. And here are a few of the most significant differences you can expect from the Five-Day Cleanse and Reset:

  • You won’t starve yourself
  • Cravings won’t rule your day
  • You’ll have ENERGY
  • You will notice changes from DAY ONE
  • Diminish signs of aging
  • Melt away belly fat
  • It’s gentle enough to repeat even once a month
  • No irritability
  • No harsh restrictions

The main reason most cleanses fall short is because they tend to set you up to fail. Whether it’s cravings that lead to cheating, feeling irritable, hunger pains that lead to quitting, or simply no results to be excited about at all, that's NOT what a cleanse should provide. But most cleanses stress the importance of drastically limiting your intake. They may restrict you to all juice —which can potentially backfire if you don’t watch your sugar content. Some are even too short to allow you to experience the full benefits of cleansing. And then there are some that believe protein and fiber should be stripped from your cleanse. In reality, clean protein and fiber are what give your body the energy to make it through a cleanse. In moderation, they won’t bulk you up but provide a full stomach and enough energy to make it through your five-day reset without issue. You’ll even have the steam to workout.

For five days, you’ll fill your body with the foods that are essential to cleansing, healing, and reviving your health. Clean proteins from my tasty bone broth and collagen-filled recipes will help guide you through five days of complete stomach satisfaction. You won’t be dealing with embarrassing stomach growls or be tempted to cheat. Everything your body could need or want will be right at your fingertips in the Five-Day Cleanse and Reset book. And you have choices! Each smoothie, soup, and juice blend is packed with healthy benefits, allowing your gut five restful days from digesting solids. It’s a much-needed break for a chance to cleanse and heal, yet five days will fly right by!

Why Five is the Magic Number

Cleanses can differ in their recommended length of time. Two to three-day cleanses may seem appealing and perfect for your schedule because they’re short and sweet. A short cleanse means less time to feel hungry or restricted. A quick cleanse, and you're good to go, right? Not so fast!  

There’s a reason I chose this to be a five-day cleanse and reset. Studies have shown that people experience maximum weight loss during the first five days of their cleanse. Any cleanse. My Five-Day Cleanse and Reset was designed with these findings in mind. While two or three days of healthy cleansing is undoubtedly better than no cleanse at all, day three is just when your cleanse is making a huge dent. A short few days of cleansing doesn’t quite offer the same benefits you will see if you spent at least a full five-days supporting the natural cleansing efforts of your body. Day three is around the time most people start to notice significant changes to their digestive tract. Your palette has adjusted to the new array of healthy foods, which are also helping get rid of bothersome bloat. The results seen as day four and five approaches include vibrant skin with diminishing lines and wrinkles, slim belly, and energy levels your body has missed. Motivation and joy have returned, and you’re fired up to recommit to your healthy lifestyle. The benefits of my five-day reset seem never-ending:

  • A clear mindset
  • Anxiety has eased
  • The whites of your eyes are brighter
  • Your nails are strong and healthy
  • The luster has been restored to your hair

Restart When You’re Run Down

I’m proof that the five-day reset restores, resets, and rejuvenates your health. I’ve been where you may be right now. I’ve crashed. I’ve been unmotivated, unhappy, and downright unsocial. When I paired clean protein, healthy fats, and fiber with my five-day reset plan, I found the energy my body had been lacking. Why? Because filling your body with all the essential nutrients it has been missing out on, and flushing toxin buildup out of your system will give you the jumpstart you need. Dragging yourself off the couch will no longer be an issue. The sluggish, rundown version of you will be energetic and inspired to reclaim your healthy, happy self!

Even MORE Benefits

Still not sure you need a cleanse and reset? There are a multitude of benefits this five-day cleanse has to offer.

Inflammation Reduction = Whole-Body Wellness

By committing to less than a week of healthy cleansing, you’ll fight off the inflammation that has spread throughout your entire body, the root of most disease and illness. As toxins and waste are being flushed from your cells, your cleansing systems get to work healing and reducing inflamed areas. The powers of a nutritious cleanse will clean, repair, and restore your gut during this inflammation targeting. And you know my saying: a happy gut is a healthy gut! This is a five-day reset that’s packed with gelatin, to soothe and repair damage already done to your digestive system. It’s even gentle enough on your system to repeat every month or every few months, as I do. Don’t forget that you encounter harmful toxins daily. A periodic five-day cleanse and reset will help reset and protect your body against recurring inflammation and the risks of various diseases and health concerns, including:

  • GI tract health concerns, including a leaky gut
  • Certain cancers
  • Various heart health concerns, including high blood pressure
  • Joint aches and pains throughout the body, including arthritis
  • Skin concerns, including redness, acne, and eczema
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Uncomfortable bloating, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Allergies
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Valuable Support for Your Kidneys and Liver

Choosing the most beneficial fruits and veggies full of vital antioxidants will begin the detox process of your toxin-filled kidneys and liver. If these two critical organs are functioning at their best, it helps set the stage for your entire digestive tract to successfully clear out toxins and restore balance throughout your whole body.

Get That Skin Glowing Again

Toxins lead to the fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dryness your skin is suffering through. It causes tired eyes and dark circles. You’ll notice a loss of vibrant skin tone. It may even cause inflammation that leads to acne. Not fun, right? Your daily exposure to environmental toxins and sugary snacks only contributes to these issues and speeds up the process of aging. A five-day cleanse and reset will pump your body full of vital antioxidants to calm your skin’s inflammation and support the re-balancing of its health.

Your body may be telling you it’s time for a change. With a short commitment to restoring your health, my Five-Day Cleanse and Reset is a gentle, healthy, and effective way to do it. You’ll find the tools that will guide you through your healthy path here.  Let’s get you prepared to restore your health today!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!