When it Comes to Health Think Like an Entrepreneur

When it Comes to Health Think Like an Entrepreneur


Sue B Zimmerman

can-health-make-you-rich2 Chris Brogan


Dr. Kim D'Eramo

can-health-make-you-rich4 John Jantsch


Nathan Latka

can-health-make-you-rich6 Sue B Zimmerman & Rena Hedeman

I’ve been in Boston this weekend speaking at the #STYSBoston Conference (thanks Sue B Zimmerman for the invitation) where I’m helping entrepreneurs discover how they can expand their business through nutrition and fitness. Here’s my message: Good health will not only keep you looking and feeling good, it will keep you productive. Did you ever hear the old adage that most people spend the first half of their life creating wealth, only to spend the second half of their life trying to regain their health?

Don’t let this happen to you. Think like an entrepreneur when it comes to your health. Strategize the cost/benefit ratios of taking care of your health or not taking care of your health, and imagine how each scenario will play out in the next 5, 10, even 20 years. Had such an amazing time presenting at the #STYSBoston and learning and laughing BIG time with these exceedingly brilliant minds with their fantastic information.  

Check out Nathan Latka - he may be having a bad hair day (above) HA! - but Nate is a world wide social media pioneer and founder of revolutionary Heyo.  He sees the world 10 steps ahead, which when you know what's coming in the world of technology - it's absolutely powerful and stunning. Unbelievable really.  Also, have you heard of Duct Tape marketing? I had the pleasure of working with John Jantsch.  He's a marketing guru and such a lovely person.

Finally, I got to meet my soul sister Kim D'Eramo - She's like my carbon copy. Not only is she a hard working ER doc,  she has the most brilliant understanding of the mind body connection and uses holistic treatments to heal and educates her patients. Passionate, brilliant, dedicated. Love her to pieces - be sure to find her book "Thrive Doctors". In addition to enjoying all of the great learning and great people, I’m having a ball exploring Boston. I love this city, especially the quaint northeastern seaboard restaurants. 

Had an unbelievable meal last night at Craigie on Main, make sure you check it out if you ever make it to Boston! If you ever want to learn more about Instagram - be sure to follow the guru of Instagram - the famous Sue B. Zimmerman - she will hook you up with the how to's! Keep thinking big and living bold! -Dr. Kellyann