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10 Reasons Why I Love Coffee

You know me as the “bone broth doc,” but you know what? There’s another drink that I also love with all my heart and soul. It’s coffee, and for me, it was love at first sip. I drink coffee every day—hot, iced, even in protein shakes. I adore an after-dinner espresso. And seriously… do NOT get between me and the coffee pot in the morning, especially if I just got in on the red-eye from L.A.! I love coffee for the taste and that energizing caffeine hit, but that’s not all. As it turns out, coffee is a turbo-charged Superfood. Here are ten of its top benefits:
  1. It helps you burn fat.
Caffeine sends your metabolism into overdrive, so you take off those pounds faster—especially around your belly. (One caveat: This effect can diminish over time, so enjoy it while it lasts.)
  1. It lowers your risk of diabetes.
If you’re trying to avoid Type 2 diabetes, a morning dose of java may be just the ticket. A 2015 study found that habitual coffee drinkers (defined as people who drank more than 1.5 cups each day) were 54% less likely to develop diabetes than non-drinkers. The reason: coffee appears to lower inflammation, which plays a key role in diabetes.
  1. It helps keep your liver healthy.
People who drink coffee have lower levels of enzyme markers for liver damage and inflammation.  They’re also less susceptible to liver diseases including fibrosis and cirrhosis.
  1. It lowers your risk of dementia.
Drinking between three and five cups of coffee each day may slash your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 20%, according to one study. The researchers think it’s the polyphenols in coffee that do the trick.
  1. It can make you an awesome athlete.
According to an NPR report, studies show that the caffeine in coffee “helps female volleyball players hit the ball harder and jump higher, rowers go farther, and cyclists go faster in a 20K time trial.” Think what it can do for your own workouts—or how much faster you’ll be able to reach that toddler who’s trying to flush your smartphone down the toilet!
  1. It can lower your risk for some cancers.
Research shows that women who drink more than three cups of coffee per day have a 20% lower risk of developing basal cell carcinoma than women who drink less than one cup a month. Men who drink more than three cups of coffee have a 9% lower risk for this cancer than men who avoid coffee. Coffee can also reduce your risk for endometrial, liver, prostate, and estrogen-negative breast cancers.
  1. It can reduce your risk for Parkinson’s disease.
Drinking four or five cups of coffee each day can cut your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease nearly in half. In addition, drinking coffee can reduce symptoms in people who already have Parkinson’s.
  1. It can lower your risk of stroke.
According to a large study in Japan, drinking even a single cup of coffee each day can reduce your risk of stroke by 20%. A Swedish study found that drinking two to four cups can cut your risk by nearly 25%.
  1. It can help you live longer.
One study of nearly half a million older people found that compared to men who drank no coffee, men who had two or three cups a day were 10 percent less likely to die at any age. For women, the risk dropped by 13 percent.
  1. It can make you happier.

Scientists report that drinking caffeinated coffee can cut your risk for suicide in half—apparently because it has antidepressant effects. In short, that morning cup of coffee isn’t just jump-starting your day—it’s making you healthier and happier all over! Of course, the trick is to avoid undoing its benefits by loading it with sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, milk, or creamer. Instead, try a dash of coconut milk, and a little stevia or monk fruit if you have a sweet tooth.

If you struggle to give up that processed creamer or the teaspoon, or more, of sugar, try adding a scoop of Bone Broth Protein Powder or a packet of Collagen Shake to your morning cup-of-joe to create a latte-like treat with a boost of collagen! Oh, and by the way, you don’t need to drink your coffee to reap its benefits. It’s also great in desserts like my Espresso Granita.

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!


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