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Low Calorie Snacks on Dr. Oz and My Recommended Swaps

Snack packs are taking over the supermarket snack aisle, but can these pre-packaged, low-calories snacks really slim your waist? Just because something is low-calorie doesn’t necessarily mean that it is guilt-free. Most of the time it’s the same unhealthy, processed ingredients just in a smaller package So, here is my plan of attack for most snack packs you’ll find on the shelf.

Potato Chips

Don’t get caught up in so called “healthy” buzz-words like baked, rice, and veggie – these terms give the impression that you’re getting a healthy chip that you can eat as much of as you want. But not all these options are the same and many of them have ingredients snuck in that make the snack unhealthy. I’m not saying avoid these at all costs – I’m just saying don’t specifically purchase them because you think they’re good for you. My favorite salty substitute for potato chips is a root vegetable chip like beet chips or sweet potato chips or even a real veggie chip like kale chips. My recommended swap for chips is beet chips or kale chips.


Avoid refined, enriched white flour crackers at all costs. White flour, with vitamins and minerals added in, is almost always an indication of empty calorie carbs. Whole ingredients means more fiber, more nutrients, and they’ll keep you fuller longer. I look for crackers made with nut flours or seeds. My recommended swap for crackers is seed crackers.


First, make sure any cookie you choose has at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. Fiber will allow the sugar in the cookies to be absorbed by your body much more slowly, tempering blood sugar spikes. And keep in mind, gluten-free doesn’t mean guilt free. A lot of cookie companies try to lure you in with this gluten-free label on the packaging, but some gluten-free cookies have just as much sugar, fat, and calories and a regular cookie. I don’t generally recommend cookies so when I do I like to see cookies with some protein. Cookies made with nut flours and seed butters are my preference. My recommended swap for cookies is a paleo-style cookie.


Most important thing with candy is to avoid sugar-free candy--artificial sweeteners are a no-go in my book. Look, no candy is good for you, but we know people are going to eat it. So just try to set your limit to 20 grams of sugar or less. And if you choose candy that has nuts, fruit, or dark chocolate, you can have more before hitting that mark. I personally like nut truffles. My recommended swap for candy is dark chocolate almonds or nut truffles.